Tenuta San Guido   Sassicaia

2009 Sassicaia

By Tenuta San Guido

2009 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, Bolgheri, Italy

The 2009 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido is every bit as rousing as one might rightly anticipate from the esteemed viticulturists in the sun-kissed Tuscan region of Bolgheri. As distinguished as its provenance, this came about as something of a triumph in a year marked with challenged climatic conditions.


The enigmatic Elegance, an Investment Prospect

Renowned predominantly for igniting the Super Tuscan revolution, Tenuta San Guido upholds its pedigree with Sassicaia, revealing how prowess and talent can metamorphose adversity into allure. The year 2009 started wet and cool but summer's generous sun allowed the ripening of its prized Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc to progress favourably.

In any glassful of this 2009 wine, guests are treated to an aromascape that simultaneously whispers of wild berries, Mediterranean garrigue and bursts of brushed leather.


A harmonious balance, an intrinsic Character

Italy's climatic narrative is engrained within this 2009 vintage wine. A hot dry spell in August with punctuated rainfall transformed the potential peril into an advantage in developing the grapes.

The dramatic culmination of changing conditions has resulted in a bolgheri masterpiece that harmoniously infuses power with grace. This is evident in every single sip, each providing the taster with vibrant red berry vibrancy delicately nuanced by notes of pipe tobacco and aniseed, delivered with an elegantly persistent finish.

This is unquestionably the hero quality that sets apart the 2009 Sassicaia offering from previous vintages - imbuing it with epicurean complexity and investment potential of seriously remarkable fine wines from Italy.

This 2009 Sassicaia by Tenuta San Guido, resplendent in its complexity and charm, is nothing short of a Tuscan tour de force, demonstrating how potential investment in these fine wines can be as satisfying to the portfolio as they are to the palate.

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The 2009 Bolgheri Sassicaia is the richest and darkest edition in recent memory. This super-charged Sassicaia boasts enormous power and concentration thanks to its impressive phenolic foundation. Black currant and blackberry confit are followed by spice, leather, tar, road paving and black truffle. It shows preliminary tertiary signs with licorice and crushed mineral. The wine wraps thickly over the palate delivering tight textural firmness and integrated structure. You taste the sweetness of the fruit and the depth of the oak tannins. No matter how you approach it, this wine scores very high on the intensity meter. For the record: Tenuta San Guido General Manager Carlo Paoli expressed concern about the integrity of his sample, but I remained extremely pleased by the gorgeous wine before me.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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