Tenuta San Guido   Sassicaia

2010 Sassicaia

By Tenuta San Guido

2010 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido

When tasting the 2010 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, one can't help but dive into an ocean of sensory experiences, a testament to Italy's invaluable contribution to the world of fine wines. As expected from this iconic winery based in the Tuscan subregion, this vintage stands tall amidst its stellar lineage.


A Testament to 2010’s Exceptional Harmony

In the already remarkable catalogue of Tenuta San Guido, the 2010 Sassicaia bears a particular distinction. This vintage was favorably shaped by exemplary climatic conditions, replete with targeted rainfall and optimal temperature fluctuation. These idyllic weather patterns bestowed the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (responsible for Sassicaia's formidable character) with a titillating balance of acidity and ripeness.

The result is a fine wine that unfurls with impressively nuanced layers of black cherry, smoked spice, licorice, and graphite – all wrapped in silken tannins that gracefully age over time.


Deep Dive into Complex Flavours

The 2010 Sassicaia showcases an exquisite bouquet of scents that further exemplify why Tenuta San Guido consistently remains ahead of the curve. As you swirl the sapid wine, a symphony of wild berries, dried herbs and hints of eucalyptus and spices come to life, bestowing captivating complexity not easily forgotten.


Investing in Italian Grandeur

For those discerning investors seeking lucrative returns from wine assets, alongside an indulgence in sensory pleasure, the 2010 Sassicaia is an offering that keeps on giving. Although an unquestionable choice for consumption, this vintage represents an attractive investment opportunity within the fine wine market.

In a nutshell, the 2010 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido encompasses a montage of deeply imbued flavors, giving an unforgettable Italian flair to your cellar and the potential for remarkable added value to your fine wine portfolio.

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I am perplexed by how the 2010 Bolgheri Sassicaia is performing at this moment. The wine has evolved quickly since the last time I tasted it a mere three years ago. At that time, I gave it 96 points and praised its extreme purity and pedigree. No doubt the wine still offers those qualities, but it also shows quickly developing notes of prune, jammy fruit and cherry liqueur that have abruptly moved to the front. It has consequently shifted the wine's center of gravity in terms of its delicate equilibrium and balance. In fact, it's almost too much of a good thing. The mouthfeel is chewy and succulent, and the bouquet is broad and flat. Now that the 2010 Bolgheri Sassicaia has completed this initial phase of its evolution, it seems stuck in a proverbial soft spot. I have shortened its suggested drinking window. There is a pungent point of volatility that is contributing to the wine’s quick decline.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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