Tenuta San Guido   Sassicaia

2013 Sassicaia

By Tenuta San Guido

The 2013 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido: A Harmony of Elegance and Authority

For the connoisseur seeking the pinnacle of fine wines from Italy, the 2013 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido presents a sterling expression of Super Tuscan sophistication. A most compelling performer in its vintage, this noteworthy wine stands proudly alongside more venerated vintages with striking authority and nuance.


A Reassuring Embrace of Nature

The year 2013 was one of gentle caress for the vineyards of Tenuta San Guido. A mild winter, followed by a relatively cool spring led to a slow, measured start for the vines. However, the generous summer unfolded with ample sunlight, tempered by invigorating sea breezes, that perfectly ripened the grapes, elevating their expression of terroir and coaxing forth intricate layers of flavours punctuated by robust tannins.

The 2013 Sassicaia elegantly captures this harmonious dance between nature's caprices and man's masterful efforts in viticulture and winemaking. Comprised mainly of Cabernet Sauvignon with a smaller portion of Cabernet Franc, it encapsulates the heart and soul of Bolgheri's revered terroir.


An Exemplary Vintage

The resulting blend is a wine estranged from the constraints of time – its enviable structure promising not just immense pleasure in its youthful exuberance but also tremendous potential for those patient enough to nurture its evolving complexity over time. Hence, it holds attraction both for immediate connoisseurs and for those seeking noteworthy wine investment opportunities.

Governed by an authoritative backbone of finely-knit tannins, this ruby gem reveals layers of ripe black fruits interspersed with delicate traces of sweet spices and hints of Mediterranean shrubs. As it serenely breathes in the glass, the subtle nuance of its expression unfurls, echoing the meticulous narrative of that unique Tuscan year.

In conclusion, the 2013 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido is not just a singular emblem of the indomitable Super Tuscan spirit but also a triumphant testament to the seamless merger of tradition and innovation – making it an essential addition to any informed collection.

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I had reviewed this wine just a few months prior and my impression has remained pretty much the same. One difference I did notice at this more recent tasting of the 2013 Bolgheri Sassicaia is the bouquet. It has shifted to slightly more delicate and finessed aromas of pressed flower and blue violets. You do of course get that solid core of dark fruit and spice that characterizes this famous Tuscan blend. But that extra time in the bottle has awarded wiggle room for profound precision and focused detailing. The wine's complexity emerges slowly with subtle notes of savory spice and tobacco. There is power and depth here, especially in terms of the mouthfeel. As the wine evolves in the glass, it begins to show ethereal tones of road paving, tar and licorice. This Sassicaia should go straight into the cellar.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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