Tenuta San Guido   Sassicaia

2015 Sassicaia

By Tenuta San Guido

2015 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, Italy

True oenophiles will immediately recognise the elegance and sheer depth of the 2015 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido. A benchmark setter in the realm of fine wines from Italy, this wine communicates the essence of a legendary year wherein Mother Nature cooperated fully to produce a stunner of a vintage.


A harmonious blend under climatic harmony

The synergy between Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, used rustically to cultivate this noble wine, reaches an apex in the 2015 vintage. This prime viticultural season presented perfect conditions, encouraging ripe fruit and mature tannins, whilst cooler nights insured that the grapes retained their balance of acidity to sugar.

Thus was born an impeccable Sassicaia, a harmonious blend boasting dark fruits, layered with subtle hints of finely-knit oak nuances. The palate is rewarding with inky blackcurrants, toasted spices and lingering minerality – proof of its vibrant terroir.


Savouring Sassicaia's Success

Exhibiting concentrated flavour and expressive complexity interwoven with beautiful elegance, the 2015 Sassicaia paints a compelling portrait of what Tenuta San Guido is capable of achieving under optimum conditions. Its longevity promises to be impressive, boding well for the patient investor looking for steady appreciation in both value and tasting satisfaction.

This jewel in Italy's vinous crown has become synonymous with refined class and consistency among discerning collectors. For those aiming to diversify their portfolio with relative assurance of appreciation, this substantial wine is one to consider.


A promising proposition

The 2015 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido is not merely a beautiful drop but a consummate investment piece. A product of a remarkable year in Italian viticulture, it sets itself aplomb from its worthy contemporaries and offers a favourable proposition for those aiming to enrich their collections with an undoubtedly rewarding vintage.

Rest assured, the opportunity to acquire and savour the 2015 Sassicaia is perceived as one of the more compelling investments in the world of fine Italian wines, as it not only promises delectation par excellence but also a deed of splendour to be savoured over time.

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Having followed this wine's evolution in barrel for the past few years, it is an honor to evaluate the final product. This Sassicaia has blossomed since my previous encounters with it as a young, awkward adolescent. The long-awaited 2015 Bolgheri Sassicaia represents a tremendous effort that comes together with seamless precision and focus. This is a confident and proud red wine from Tuscany. Starting with the primary material at hand, you sense the quality of fruit thanks to the wine's beautifully dark appearance and the rich texture it offers to the palate. The acidity is integrated, but more freshness still would have been welcomed in my view (and would also contribute to its longevity). The bouquet is amplified both in terms of volume and length. Its playlist includes dark berry fruit, spice, leather, licorice and roasted coffee bean. Yet, the mouthfeel is extremely graceful and silky. The wine's undisputed pedigree is showcased on the palate. It should also be noted that this edition of Sassicaia feels more ready and open to me. It will age and evolve beautifully, but the 2015 Sassicaia can also be enjoyed in the medium-term. This wine is all about the here and now.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 February 2018

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