Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2000 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

2000 Redigaffi from Tua Rita, {{SubRegion}}

Enter the world of resplendent flavours captured within the bottling of 2000 Redigaffi from Tua Rita, an exquisite expression of Italy's fine wine prowess. This deep and saturated vintage is one of the stellar jewels in Tua Rita's crown, representing a seductive blend of robustness and refinement.


Exceptional Harvest, Exemplary Vintage

The turn of the millennium brought about an extraordinary year for wine production in Italy, with ideal weather conditions paving the way for truly pronounced flavours. The 2000 Redigaffi embodies this climatic serendipity splendidly, capturing sun-drenched ripeness and complexity against a vibrant counterpoint of acidity - the hallmark of a vintage with long-term investment potential.

In particular with this vintage, Tua Rita has taken meticulous crafting to new heights. The grapes are hand-selected and harvested at their optimal ripeness, after which they undergo slow fermentation to coax out deep, dramatic notes.


Distinctive Character, Daring Elegance

In this visionary creation by Tua Rita, there's a compelling duality at play—the meticulous attention to quality and consistency lies in a dynamic interplay with spontaneous winemaking gusto. The result, much like the year it was harvested, defies ordinary spectrum.

The 2000 Redigaffi is characterised by an intoxicating nose of black and red fruit along with hints of tobacco, chocolate and truffle— a harmonious testament to Tua Rita's earnest commitment to reflect terroir truthfully. Yet herein lies its standout attribute: while embodying unmistakable characteristics of Italian fine wine, there exists an individualistic assertiveness that sets it apart in its vintage.


Redefining Fine Wine Investment

2000 Redigaffi is more than just an exceptionally made wine—it's a promising investment opportunity for discerning aficionados of fine wines from Italy. This particular vintage offers a captivating prospect to those who appreciate the importance of region-specific yield quality, manifesting itself in the elegance this wine consistently displays.

A portfolio-pleasing addition indeed, the 2000 Redigaffi from Tua Rita mirrors the brilliance and vigour earned by this acclaimed producer in the arena of Italian fine wines. Its distinctiveness is not only delicious but delightfully rewarding - a fitting testament to Italian viticulture’s resilience and innovation in the world of wine investment.

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Tua Rita's 2000 Redigaffi has taken a big leap forward in its evolution. The wine is infused with black fruit, prune and blackberry preserves that come together to form an inky appearance and chewy consistency. Beyond those fruit tones are equally robust aromas of Teriyaki sauce, barbecue smoke and exotic spice. Redigaffi is a pure expression of Merlot and it delivers condensed, thickly extracted and syrupy aromas some 15 years after the harvest. The wine is like a time capsule that takes us back to a time when this richer and more opulent style was so enthusiastically embraced. My feeling is that the wine has not aged as steadily as was once predicted. Upon initial release, Robert Parker had given this wine 100 points, and if I'm not mistaken I believe it was the second Italian wine to earn such an honor after the 1985 Sassicaia. Since then, it has shed much of its fruit and has become more defined by its oak spice and tangy cedar. In the mouth, the wine shows abundant texture with integrated tannins.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 January 2016

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