Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2005 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

The 2005 Redigaffi from Tua Rita

In the realm of Tuscan wines, the 2005 Redigaffi from Tua Rita has planted its flag as a monumental testament to the grandeur of wine production in the region. With its captivating blend of sensuous flavours and intriguing depth, this exquisitely fashioned specimen stands proud amongst its peerage.


A Wine As Rich As Its Geography

The robust character of the 2005 vintage can be attributed to the bountiful soils of Italy's rich landscape, undoubtedly one profound determinant of the final product. Just as a Renaissance sculptor hones forth beauty from raw marble, Tua Rita has perennially drawn its masterpiece from this blessed commune, with the 2005 Redigaffi serving as an epitome of this symbiotic relationship.

The merlot grapes have thrived under a healthy mediterranean climate in 2005, executing a symphony that harmonizes maturity and freshness. An exquisite bouquet of ripe black fruits emanates with licorice undertones that gradually tease upon opening.


Investing in Liquid Elegance

Redigaffi's success can not only be found in its pleasing aromatics and sumptuous taste but also its potential as an intelligent investment. The Redigaffi from Tua Rita has earned its place as a respected heavyweight among fine wines from Italy, not least for its ability to age with grace and sophistication for decades.

The laudable precision reflected in every note of this wine’s profound depth is a testimony to its stratospheric quality. Resounding with juicy, dark berry nuances and whispers of spice and black tea; there is an underlying echo of earthy complexity in the persistent finish.


The Lasting Sequel of 2005 Redigaffi from Tua Rita

Wines like 2005 Redigaffi are compelling narratives that evolve as they age, each chapter revealing a new layer of richness and complexity. This vintage tells of an eloquent intertwining of terroir and time, showcasing the finest qualities offered by one of Italy's most esteemed producers. Yet, the story does not end here. As an investment, their potential for growth in stature and value promises an enchanting next chapter.

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The 2005 Redigaffi (Merlot) is the most finessed, elegant Redigaffi I can recall. This is a Redigaffi that emphasizes clarity and precision over sheer power. Suggestions of new leather, spices, plums, currants, minerals, blueberry jam and toasted oak emerge from this medium-bodied effort. Although the 2005 might not have the structure of previous vintages, the tannins are beautifully balanced and the wine offers terrific overall harmony. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2022. In the difficult 2005 vintage Tua Rita proves why it deserves a spot among the finest estates in Italy. This is truly a stellar showing from proprietor Stefano Frascolla and consulting oenologist Stefano Chioccioli made all the more notable considering the less than ideal conditions the 2005 vintage presented. A Leonardo Lo Cascio Selection, Winebow, Montvale, NJ; tel. (201) 445-0620

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2008

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