Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2009 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

The 2009 Redigaffi from Tua Rita, Tuscan Triumph in a Bottle

As a wine critic of four decades with a forte in fine viticulture, I have found few equals to the radiant richness of Italian wines, and the illustrious 2009 Redigaffi from Tua Rita stands as a dazzling testament to this nation's winemaking prowess.


A vintage defined by its distinct characteristics

Harvested in the heartland of Tuscany, 2009's Redigaffi exhibits an intoxicating elegance fortified by bracingly robust tannic structure. This particular vintage bore the fruit from an extraordinary growing season of plentiful rain that followed by intense sunshine, weaving its climate magic into each grape on the vine. The result is a captivating balance of opulent fruit character encapsulated in an edifice of elegant composure.


Bursting with flavour, aging with grace

The lavish layers of dark berry compote are punctuated by divine notes of espresso and exotic spice, establishing this Redigaffi as a talking piece in any distinguished collection. And yet, what sets the 2009 vintage apart is its remarkable propensity for aging— a virtue not always seen in even the finest wines from Italy.


Investment potential, poised for prosperity

An essential aspect worth noting for any wine investor is the legacy of Tua Rita itself. Skilled artisans have diligently crafted each bottle of Redigaffi with meticulous care and attention since their inaugural 1994 vintage and have continued to set benchmarks for their Italian compatriots. As such these wines often perform formidably on the secondary market – an added boon for wine investors.


The Final Pour

When all is said and imbibed, the 2009 Redigaffi stands as a shining beacon of Tuscan winemaking—a fine Italian wine intricately interweaving the best of the region's holy trinity: climate, soil and human passion. To invest in the 2009 Redigaffi from Tua Rita is not merely to add another vintage to your collection—it's an embrace of a prime specimen of Tuscany, beckoning prosperity as it ages with grace and dignity.

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The 2009 Redigaffi bursts onto the palate with an exciting melange of blackberries, grilled herbs, flowers, mint, rosemary and spices. It is a powerful, juicy Merlot loaded with fruit, but there is also more than enough structure to provide support. Dark notes of tar, incense and smoke add complexity on the finish. Generally I prefer Redigaffi between ages 5 and 15. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2024. This is another fabulous set of wines from Tua Rita, with the exception of the Syrah, which falls a bit short of its customary level. To be honest, these days I am increasingly drawn to the entry and mid-level wines at Tua Rita because of their very favorable pricing and overall value. The biggest news at Tua Rita is the return of original consulting oenologist Luca D’Attoma, who oversaw much of the planting and made the first vintages. A Leonardo Lo Cascio Selection, Winebow, Montvale, NJ; tel. (201) 445-0620

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2012

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