Tua Rita   Redigaffi

2012 Redigaffi

By Tua Rita

2012 Redigaffi from Tua Rita, Italy

Any discerning investor will immediately appreciate the finesse and integrity that plays out majestically in the 2012 Redigaffi from Tua Rita. This is an intellect-enticing embodiment of Tuscan wine craftsmanship, reflective of the winning climatic conditions of 2012 that conspired with the winemaker’s mastery to create a fabled vintage.


Ravishing Ripeness, Striking Sophistication

The Redigaffi vineyard speaks beautifully through this 2012 vintage, with an unrivalled balance between fruit intensity and structure. The star variety herein, Merlot, performed exceptionally well in Tuscany during 2012, imparting the Redigaffi with plummy fullness draped in silken tannins.

This wine performs much like a seasoned maestro, commanding symphonic flavors of dark cherries and blackberries that dance confidently over a backbone of refined oak influences. Its reign on the palate is ennobled by the richness of 2012's bounty and underscored by a tantalizing earthiness inherent to the class-winning terroirs of Tua Rita.


The 2012 Distinction: A Vintage to Invest In

Italian fine wines from the-year-of-the-dragon, 2012, set their own benchmark in terms of excellence and ageing potential, which implies an enticing opportunity for wine investment cognoscente. The climatic narrative of 2012 played out favorably for Tua Rita’s vineyards, allowing for a perfect balance of warm summer days and cooler nights contributing to even ripening and generous flavour concentration.

The Redigaffi from Tua Rita stands as an emblem of this vintage’s agility and age astonishingly well, making it a prime candidate for thoughtful investors looking to enrich their collections with an Italian gem. Not surprisingly, 2012 Redigaffi is tipped as one of the best embodiments of Merlot-centric Tuscan viticulture.

To sum up, the 2012 Redigaffi from Tua Rita is a wine that captures the harmonious interplay of fruit intensity, graceful structure and ageing potential that characterizes the best vintage years. A distinguished choice for those looking to explore fine wines from Italy and also to make a smart wine investment decision.

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The epic 2012 Redigaffi (100% Merlot) shows amazing depth and a great sense of inner energy and seductive charm. The wine is soft and yielding with ripe layers of cherry, blackberry and cassis that slowly morph into savory spice, leather and tobacco. This Merlot boldly promotes its all-Italian characteristics of Mediterranean shrub and wild sage that ground the wine in a sense of place. The warm vintage has shaped soft tannins and thick, penetrating extraction that moves slowly over the palate. Give this beautiful wine a few more years to find its footing and lose its baby fat.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 September 2015

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