Domaine MS Ogier DAmpuis   Cote Rotie Lancement

2017 Cote Rotie Lancement

By Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis

2017 Cote Rotie Lancement by Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, Rhone

Over the years, I have committed myself to thoroughly understanding the intricacies of French wine vintages and have been fully indulged in each tasting journey. Moving into 2017, a year that would later be revered by investors for its unique potential, the Rhone Valley unveiled a wine worth every penny invested - the 2017 Cote Rotie Lancement by Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis.


Terrific Terroir Expression and Potential Investment

The year 2017 was not an easy one for producers in Rhone. It was marked by relatively dry conditions throughout the growing season that resulted in a smaller but concentrated crop. This seemed to heighten the exceptional character of Syrah significantly, adding an edge to the 2017 Cote Rotie Lancement - a wine that speaks volumes about its terroir.

Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis has truly encapsulated the art of winemaking with this vintage. The family-owned estate is renowned for their meticulous approach to viticulture, resulting in wines that are always accurate representations of their birthplace.


An Auspicious Outline of the 2017 Vintage

In its youth, the 2017 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis presents an expressive nose; abound with notes of black cherry, roasted spice and floral undertones. On the palate, it's a tightly coiled masterpiece with bright acidity and fine-grained tannins that round off into a lingering, resonating finish. The depth and structure behind this offering suggest serious aging potential, an attractive quality for wine investment.

As the years roll on, expect its tightly layered profile to reveal a more generous showcase of complex flavours including hints of smoked meat and white pepper - distinct markers of a refined Cote Rotie.

Navigating the landscape of premium wines and making astute investments could be a daunting task, but when you encounter a specimen as worthy as the 2017 Cote Rotie Lancement, decisions become notably easier. This exceptional wine from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis is indeed an asset worth considering within your investment portfolio - an investment in liquid artistry and terroir transcendence.

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This is the third time I've tasted Stéphane Ogier's 2017 Cote Rotie Lancement, and it has been consistently outstanding. Vaguely floral notes add intrigue to the deep raspberry and cassis fruit, balanced by more savory notes of coffee beans and charred beef. It's medium to full-bodied, sturdy and muscular, with plentiful (but ripe) tannins that give the lengthy finish a rich, velvety texture. I suspect it will close down shortly, then reemerge in several years and drink well through 2040.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 13 May 2021

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