Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

2017 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

2017 Hermitage la Chapelle by Jaboulet, Rhone, Rest of the World

The 2017 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet exemplifies why this legendary Rhone producer is so highly regarded amongst fine wine investors. This vintage continued the remarkable quality of craftsmanship that lies at the heart of Jaboulet's philosophy since their inception in old-world France.


Burgeoning with distinction, ripe for investment

Backed by a rich history peppered with superlative vintages, Jaboulet's 2017 Hermitage la Chapelle captures gracefully the essence of the terroir and pays tribute to a lineage of excellence. This wine is undeniably evidence of album-perfect winemaking - portraying bravado, sophistication and balance on the palate.

Insiders will recognise the quaint characteristics of northern Rhone's Syrah grape, touched by a season that played its part in producing enticing notes of blue fruit, violets and spicy undertones. Yet, where this 2017 Hermitage la Chapelle excels is in its vibrant freshness contrasting superbly against the inherent power.


A splendid vintage, radiant as Rhone itself

The year 2017 graced Rhone with favourable weather conditions, allowing the full potential of Syrah grapes to be harnessed, yielding wines with excellent concentration and vigour. It was indeed a year that would go down in history with bountiful praise.

Intriguing layers of blackberry and blackcurrant are underlined by an energetic minerality - a testament to the distinctive terroir of Hermitage. Silky tannins envelop these flavours leading to an extended finish, promising rewarding evolution for years to come.

This compelling balance of power and freshness, the signature of Jaboulet's 2017 epic, affirms its ingress into an investor's portfolio. As Rhone's grand emblem, the 2017 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet stands as one of the prime contenders for any fine wine soil, ready to mature with grace and unfurl greater depths over time.

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