Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage Blanc

2018 Hermitage Blanc

By Jean-Louis Chave

The Enigmatic Elegance of 2018 Hermitage Blanc from Jean-Louis Chave, Rhone

Lauded as a beacon in Rhone winemaking, with a lineage spanning nearly 15 generations, the famed Jean-Louis Chave has delivered something truly individualistic in their 2018 Hermitage Blanc.


A Symphony Shaped by Rhone's Singular Terroir

Every nuance of the 2018 Hermitage Blanc is an ode to the majesty of the land and an encapsulation of the Jean-Louis Chave's ability to craft wines of finesse, complexity, and remain unyielding in their tribute to the Rhone.

This vintage reveals a distinct sense of place with an elegant tapestry woven from its unique blend of Marsanne and Roussanne. The terroir shines through, its mineral richness captured flawlessly by Jean-Louis Chave’s unwavering commitment to integrity.


2018: A Masterstroke Against All Odds

Despite challenging climatic conditions in 2018, including an alarming heatwave, there were few producers who managed not just to persevere, but to triumph. The artful cultivation and patient vinification resulted in a vintage that speaks starkly of resilience and determination.

The 2018 Hermitage Blanc stands out amongst these victors. The climatic extremities seem to have chiseled additional facets onto this already complex wine. One can sense a lush richness balanced by an electric acidity that makes this experience nothing short of reminiscent.


Investment Worthy Liquid Gold

Say hello to the future icon worth betting on—the 2018 Hermitage Blanc from Jean-Louis Chave boasts an incredible ageing potential. This opulent wine, with its vibrant tension and impressive terroir expression, promises a veritable treat for discerning investors.

The intensity, complexity and balance that are hallmarks of the Chave estate are in full display in their 2018 Hermitage Blanc. This vintage is set to reward both the seasoned connoisseur and the fledgling investor alike.

Will it ascend to be one of Rhone's great white treasures or will it transcend into a legend? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—this is a sublime expression, a riveting example of the intimate dance between wine, nature and man.

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The 2018 Hermitage Blanc was still in its various components, so my rating and description is something of a composite, based on barrel-tasting lots from Péléat, Les Rocoules and L'Ermite. There's incredible weight, ripeness and richness throughout, with hints of toast and crocuses accenting white peach, melon and pineapple fruit, yet also a sense of vibrance and briny freshness on the lengthy finishes.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 19 December 2019

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