Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage

2017 Hermitage

By Jean-Louis Chave

The 2017 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave, Rhone

This distinguished wine offering, hailing from the illustrious vineyards of Jean-Louis Chave, embodies the bespoke attributes that discerning wine investors seek. The 2017 Hermitage, the embodiment of years of dedicated vintner craftsmanship and an intimate knowledge of Rhone's distinctive terroir, takes a place of honor among other notable wines from this producer.


An Investment in Elegance

Notable for its precision and symmetry, the 2017 Hermitage basks in a harmonious matrimony of power and understated elegance. The temperate climatic conditions of 2017 year are reflected in its control and pitch-perfect balance. With exact perceptive restraints and rigorous selection borne from the challenging vintage conditions, Jean-Louis Chave has expertly crafted a vintage that stands testament to the winery's unwavering dedication to absolute quality.

The 2017 Hermitage unfolds with a pleasing dance between depth and intensity. Plump blackberry textures dance cheek-to-cheek with cracked black pepper notes, while a distinct mineral undertone elegantly anchors the lush fruit profiles.


A Brushstroke of Rhone Grandeur

An affirmation of the glorious heritage of Rhone Syrah, this Hermitage encapsulates a tantalizing exploration into varietal authenticity, overlaid with reflective vestiges of vine age and typicity.

The grip is firm yet polite; the conclusion long and characterful, illuminated by flashes of black olive tapenade, underbrush, and licorice nuances. It’s a sculpture in longevity and finesse - truly, an expression of traditional Rhône winemaking philosophy at its pinnacle.

This bottling also bears testament to the 2017 weather conditions, illustrating that even in a challenging vintage year, Jean-Louis Chave's meticulous approach can coax forth an intricate masterpiece worthy of the most discerning portfolios.


Encapsulating an Exceptional Vintage

In summary, the story of this Hermitage is one of investing in poise and expertise. It is a testament of excellent viticulture and winemaking prowess intricately combined, presenting a vintage rich in depth and dimension. A year distinguished by its refined intensity, the 2017 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave represents an ambitious leap towards fine wine investing excellence.

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