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2018 Pingus

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2018 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero

The much-anticipated 2018 vintage of the heralded Pingus from Pingus is a testament to the art of winemaking, embodying the quintessential elements of its terroir in Ribera del Duero. With the 2018 growing season presenting its challenges, the resulting vintage stands out not just as a triumph against weather odds, but as a bold testament to the brilliance found when adversity meets effort.


Echoing terroir, making waves in investment

Produced by Danish winemaker Peter Sisseck, 2018 Pingus emphasizes his belief in biodynamic farming methods and minimal interventionist winemaking. The jewel of his portfolio, this ultra-modern Spanish wine has captivated investors with its consistency and rich intensity, rendering it a frontrunner amongst sophisticated wine portfolios.

The year's combination of generous rainfall during Spring, followed by a warm summer and unusually cool September, allowed for an extended ripening period for the Tempranillo grapes. This unique climate circumstance translates into an extraordinary depth in flavor profile that distinguishes the 2018 Pingus from other vintages.


A vintage singularity in a bottle

The unique palette of 2018 conditions coalesces into vibrant aromas of dark cherry, spice and leather. With a deep ruby color hinting at its power, expect layers of intense black fruit flavors intermingling with well-integrated tannins providing structure - a true testimony to the exceptional character that this specific year displays for fine investments in Ribera del Duero wines.

This particular vintage showcases an elegant delineation between succulent fruit notes and complex earthy undertones. The finish is superbly lengthy - an echoing note tot he unforgettable year that it has translated into.

For investors seeking singularly vintaged wines from Pingus, the 2018 does not shy away from its place in the sun. Embodying a harmonious fusion of adversity, effort and elegance, it stands as an alluring addition to any portfolio - a treasured encapsulation of Ribera del Duero's extraordinary 2018 vintage in every glass.

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