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2019 Pingus

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2019 Pingus from Dominio de Pingus, Ribera del Duore

Unveiling the elusive grandeur of 2019 Pingus from Dominio de Pingus, one is graced with an artful symphony known only by vintages of uncompromising calibre. This Spanish maestro of the Ribera del Duoro has harnessed the celestial forces of perfect climatic conditions in an ensemble that takes centre stage in the theatre of fine wine investment.


wine investment with a conscious sensibility

Pingus tidings from 2019 signal an acknowledgement of an obsessive pursuit for biodynamic practices married befittingly to Spanish viticulture. Peter Sisseck's commitment to delicate earth—even limiting the yield per vine—yields dividends in the form of profound wines poised for prosperity among astute oenophile investors.

The aroma initially brings forth a delicate dance of violets and black cherries intertwining amidst whispers of cedar and mocha undertones. The sublime encounter does not end there: braced for a captivating palate, the notes transform to reveal a robust core of ripe plum enticed by complex, alluring nuances of graphite.


A celestial gift by Mother Nature's gracious climes

In its geographically blessed home, Ribera del Duoro, 2019 witnessed climatic harmonies that painted a miraculous canvas for this intrepidly terroir-driven varietal. Balancing act between rainy springs and balmy summers etched a stupendous year—one that will be chronicled in the annals with its resonating richness.

Crowned as one of the compelling years for Spain, especially Ribera del Duoro, this complex vintage flaunts layers upon layers of firm yet silky tannins, and ends with a stunningly long, spicy finish.

In essence, 2019 Pingus uncorks a unique time capsule—a testament to a year's extraordinary climatic conditions, the timeless allure of Tempranillo, and the dedication of Peter Sisseck. To invest in 2019 Pingus is to invest not just in a bottle of exquisite vintage but also in a patch of Spanish terroir, a slice of oenological history that singularly radiates with wine investment potential.

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