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Wine shop employee sells Lafite Grand Vin as Second Label by mistake


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Fine wine investment brings all kinds of financial benefits – a surprisingly high ROI can be one of them. But few investors will ever get to experience the thrill of purchasing a prestigious First Growth Grand Vin for a Second Wine price. Apart from one lucky buyer in China, that is.

According to Chinese media WBO, a sales employee at a tobacco and liquor store mistakenly sold a customer a bottle of Lafite Rothschild’s Grand Vin for the price of the chateau’s much cheaper Second Wine, Carruades de Lafite, having become confused by the two labels’ similarities.

With the Grand Vin costing around four times as much as the Second Wine, that was a very costly mistake to make – and one without recourse, too, as when the shopkeeper contacted the customer, he was told the wine had 'conveniently' already been drunk.

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