CW Italy Investment Report 2021

Italy Investment Report 2021

Our Italy Investment Report takes a deep dive into the exciting world of Italian fine wine, which has established itself as an indispensable component of a fine wine portfolio.

In this report you will discover:


  1. OutlookLong-term outlook for the Italian market remains positive

  2. VintagesWhich vintages are poised to lead the region in the coming years

  3. OpportunityItalian wines that offer a compelling growth opportunity

  4. ApproachWhy a dynamic approach can help find the best investment opportunities among this exciting region

Italian fine wine has posted impressive growth in recent years. The Liv-ex’s Italy 100 index rose by 8.8% in 2020, the top regional growth figure. High-quality alongside US tariffs on other European wines in 2019 and 2020 fuelled Italy’s strong growth.

Despite a slower start to 2021, our long-term outlook for the Italian market remains positive with a string of strong vintages poised to lead growth in the coming years. The diversity of choice from a large range of producers with long traditions of excellence means a dynamic approach can help find the best opportunities among the many magnificent Italian fine wines.

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