Chateau Latour   Forts de Latour

2016 Forts de Latour

By Chateau Latour

2016 Forts de Latour from Chateau Latour, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The Pauillac appellation has been graced once again with the release of the 2016 Forts de Latour from Chateau Latour, an offering that upholds the tradition and distinction of this revered estate. The 2016 vintage, a jewel in the crown of Bordeaux's Left Bank, is one that conjures respect for both its birth year’s climatic generosity and the deft touch of Chateau Latour's winemaking prowess.


Understated Elegance Meets Investment Prestige

As whispers of the 2016 vintage began to stir among fine wine investors and enthusiasts alike, expectations surged for a year that would display both power and refinement. The Forts de Latour response did not disappoint, delivering a balance befitting a wine linked to one of the most storied names in viticulture. The wise investor will note not only the potential longevity but also the immediate gratification this vintage offers.


A Distillation of Terroir and Time

The temperate climate and timely sunshine throughout the 2016 growing season imbued the grapes with a depth that manifests elegantly in the glass. This particular expression of terroir exudes an assemblage of Cabernet Sauvignon, accentuated by Merlot, which together yield layers of ripe fruit circumscribed by refined tannins and a hint of Pauillac dust—this wine drinks as a paean to its storied earth.

The 2016 Forts de Latour carries forth with a bouquet ripe with dark berries, tempered by whispers of cedar and graphite—an enticement leading to a palate where cassis and black cherry notes dance on a stage set with fine-grained tannins. The finish speaks to its pedigree: elongated, complex and sure-footed—a flourish that secures its place as an ensemble ripe for investment considerations.

In summary, Chateau Latour's 2016 Forts de Latour stands as a testament to what can be achieved when fate smiles upon the vineyard. Afford it respect in your portfolio as you would in your cellar; here lies a vintage that promises maturation with grace—and delivers it with aplomb.

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This builds slowly on the palate, but it’s worth it. Medium to full body, firm and silky tannins and lots of currants, berries and minerals on the finish. On and on. Better than the 2015?

James Suckling -, April 4th 2017


Very supple tannins and absolutely pure drive. Sleek and pure. Rather floral and great evolution of tannins. Super-expressive. (He used very little sulphur on the fruit, which may have had an influence…) Great purity. Dances. Much more refreshing than this wine used to be. 

Jancis Robinson -

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