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1999 Latour

By Chateau Latour

1999 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

In the world of fine wine investment, certain vintages stand out for their exceptional character and age-worthy profiles; amongst such is the 1999 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes—a testament to the finesse Margaux wines are revered for. The turn of the millennium offered us a panoply of exquisite bottles, yet this particular vintage sings with a unique voice, rich in narrative and terroir expression.


Decoding the Distinction of a Millennium's Cusp

The 1999 growing season in Bordeaux offered challenges that winemakers met with both skill and innovation. A rather uneven year weather-wise; it was marked by periods of wetness interspersed with ideal conditions. Yet, despite Mother Nature's fickleness, Chateau Lascombes' acumen led to a harvest that was both ample in volume and resplendent in quality.

The 1999 vintage of Lascombes encapsulates a complex symphony of flavours. Its palette is densely woven with ripe cassis and blackberry notes, underlayed by a subtle earthiness and whispers of tobacco—a nod to its Margaux heritage. Tannins, once robust in their youth, have softened into a velvety texture that allows the wine to gracefully support its matured fruit and developing savoury aspects.


A Resilient Vintage Withstanding Time's Test

Two decades on and the 1999 Lascombes remains impressively vibrant. For connoisseurs seeking to diversify their portfolios with an investable vintage that continues to escalate in allure, this wine is undeniably compelling. It exhibits an intriguing balance between maturity and lingering potential—an interplay only found in wines of substantial craftsmanship and origin.

The marriage between elegant structure and resilient character makes the 1999 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes not merely a reflection of a variable year but a celebration of how deft viniculture can transcend climatic whimsies.


An Epoch Reflective Vintage for Discerning Collectors

Moving forward, as one considers augmenting one's collection or investment holdings, it is paramount to contemplate vintages that not only have shown resilience but also promise further evolution. The 1999 vintage from Chateau Lascombes espouses this criteria, asserting itself as one of the more distinctive embodiments from Margaux—an area synonymous with aristocratic finesse in viticulture. Herein lies an investment of taste, timelessness, and tangible maturation; a treasure among Bordeaux afficionados poised for contemplative appreciation or discerning investiture alike.

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Readers looking for a modern day version of Latour's magnificent 1962 or 1971 should check out the sensational 1999 Latour. It is a big, concentrated offering, exhibiting a dense ruby/purple color, and a classic nose of minerals, black currants, leather, and vanilla. The wine is long, ripe, and medium-bodied, with high levels of sweet tannin. This surprisingly full, concentrated 1999 should be drinkable in 5-6 years; it will last for three decades.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2002


Served blind at the chateau. Compared to recent vintage the ’99 Latour is showing a little more maturity in colour than most. The nose is foursquare and masculine, the sous-bois element accentuated here and just missing the breeding of others. Lots of cedar aromas beginning to emerge. The palate is tannic, lifted with a slight graininess to the texture, a digestif quality just inflecting the finish that misses a little length. Fine. Tasted December 2009.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2011

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