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2013 Latour

By Chateau Latour

2013 Latour from Chateau Latour, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The 2013 vintage in Bordeaux was infamously challenging due to variable weather conditions, yet the fortitude and meticulous cultivation by Chateau Latour have birthed a vintage replete with nuances for the discerning investor. Each swirl of the glass uncovers the layers of complexity imbued in this ambitious production.


A Study in Resilience and Mastery

Bordeaux's 2013 harvest was one marked by tests and trials, necessitating a deft hand in both the vineyard and the vinery. The precision of Chateau Latour shines through in the 2013 Latour, reflecting not only the unmistakable terroir of Pauillac but also the triumph over climatic capriciousness.

Redolent with dark berry fruit nuances layered with subtle notes of cedar and tobacco, this wine enfolds the palate with refinement and an elegant structure. A shimmering example of Pauillac's poise under pressure, the 2013 Latour exhibits a medium to full-bodied profile, framed by polished tannins that speak to its laudable ageing potential.


Vintage Character: Understated Elegance

The character of this particular vintage deviates from Chateau Latour’s more exuberant years. It presents an understated elegance, a reticence that invites exploration and contemplation, unfurling as it airs with an almost kinetic depth.

In investment terms, the 2013 Latour stands out for its resilience. This measured offering beckons collectors who appreciate wines that whisper rather than shout. Cultivating such a poised expression amidst adversity positions the 2013 Latour as a suitable candidate for diversification in fine wine portfolios.

For connoisseurs and investors alike, cultivating an acquaintance with the 2013 Latour from Chateau Latour offers an insight into vintner virtuosity and Pauillac perseverance. To savour this wine is to celebrate the quiet triumphs wrought from Bordeaux's vicissitudes.

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Composed of 95.2% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4.4% Merlot and 0.4% Petit Verdot, the 2013 Latour offers an open-knit, fragrant nose of licorice, sandalwood, rose petals and cigar box over a core of Black Forest cake, stewed plums, mulberries and redcurrant jelly, plus a waft of cast-iron pan. The elegantly styled, medium-bodied palate (13% alcohol) fills the mouth with intense red and black berry preserves layers, framed by evolved, soft-textured tannins and well-knit freshness, finishing long and spicy. This vintage does not have the power and backbone of an outstanding vintage of Latour, but it is aging gracefully and, still possessing a lot of discernible fruit with plenty of tertiary pizazz, is absolutely delicious to drink right now. This sweet-spot stage is likely to continue for another 5-7 years, before the wine plateaus at a maturity peak and holds for a further 15+ years.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 22 March 2021

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