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2014 Latour

By Chateau Latour

2014 Latour from Chateau Latour, Pauillac, Bordeaux

The 2014 vintage of the iconic Latour from Chateau Latour, often overshadowed by its more opulent siblings, sings a song of quiet complexity that beckons the astute investor and collector alike. As I reflect on the nuances of different climatic years, the 2014 Latour posits a testament to resilience and adroit winemaking in Bordeaux's Pauillac appellation.


A Study in Elegance and Structure

The 2014 vintage in Bordeaux was not without its challenges; a cool and somewhat erratic growing season set high demands on vignerons. Nevertheless, Chateau Latour’s consistent pursuit of excellence shines through with their precise blending of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. The fruit for this vintage was harvested under salubrious skies in late September and early October, setting the stage for balance and finesse over flamboyance.


Vintage Character: Precision and Potential

In the 2014 Latour, one finds a robust core of dark fruit enlaced with subtle herbaceous tones - a hallmark of Pauillac terroir graced by a challenging year. Tannins, once gripped by youthful austerity, are loosening their grip, revealing an articulate structure intended for longevity. An understated power buoys the ever-evolving mid-palate complexity characteristic of this château's steadfast commitment to quality.

This wine speaks of grounded elegance; its investment potential lies in its promising evolution. The innate structure hints at the wine's ability to mature gracefully – confident not in immediate gratification but in a future where patience reaps rewards.


An Exemplary Candidate for Fine Wine Portfolios

Fine wine connoisseurs may discern that while the 2014 Latour is earnestly approachable now, it harbours a potential that will unfurl beautifully with time. Given its ascendancy in terms of collectability and desirability, it stands as one of the prudent cornerstones in the foundation of any burgeoning fine wine portfolio. With each passing year, the narrative of this wine will gain depth - much like the layers it will continue to develop within its bottled confines.

In summing up, whether admired for its present poise or anticipated maturity, the 2014 Latour from Chateau Latour is a vintage that commands attention in a cellar collection – it signifies a judicious union of time-honoured winemaking with the fortitude borne by an exacting harvest year.

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