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2019 Lafleur

By Chateau Lafleur

2019 Lafleur from Chateau Lafleur, Pomerol, Bordeaux

Wielders of the sceptre in the regal soils of Pomerol, Chateau Lafleur presents an iconoclastic 2019 Lafleur that typifies the exceptional vintage. As a critic with an enduring affinity for the hallowed terroir of Bordeaux, I consider each release as a message in a bottle from the vintner to the connoisseur. The year 2019 echoes a missive of brilliance from Chateau Lafleur, sending ripples through the fine wine investment landscape.


The Distillation of a Distinguished Year

The growing season of 2019 in Bordeaux was one of harmony; a symphony orchestrated by nature where every note was played to perfection. After an initial overture of searing heat, a soothing finale of summer showers quenched thirsty vines and balanced sugar and acid in the grapes. It's these precise conditions that have sired a Lafleur with pronounced equilibrium—a confluence of ripe tannins and vibrant acidity destined to enshrine longevity.


Texture and Palate: A Manifesto of Mastery

There is verve in this vintage—an olfactory pantheon of black fruit, truffle and violets rise up akin to Bordeaux aristocracy. Yet beneath its majestic bouquet lies a titan in waiting. The palate reveals a tartan pattern threaded by dark cherries, tobacco leaf, and an earthiness reminiscent of Pomerol’s esteemed clay soils. Few wines muster such complexity with aplomb while promising capacity for stately ageing—a crucial criterion for investors and collectors.

Savvy investors would be judicious to heed the siren song of the 2019 Lafleur from Chateau Lafleur, as it beckons those seeking a remarkable entrant to their curated cellars. Preferably decanted and communed with reverence, this wine not only conveys history but promises to be the anvil on which future tales of vinous grandeur are forged.


An Investment in Time’s Tapestry

Drawing upon my four decades traversing the tapestry of terroirs, I assert that the 2019 vintage from Chateau Lafleur is an embodiment this historic domain's essence during an exemplary year. It is woven with threads of potential profit for collectors and investors alike—a tapestry rich with promise, boldly bearing the crest of its forebears as it awaits its storied evolution in bottle. Adorning your portfolio with this sophisticated addition could very well be just as rewarding as savoring its anticipated crescendo in taste.

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