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2019 Trotanoy

By Chateau Trotanoy

2019 Trotanoy from Chateau Trotanoy, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The esteemed 2019 vintage from Chateau Trotanoy emerges as an articulate emblem of the Pomerol region's grandeur, a fitting testament to the harmonious assemblage of climate and craft. The year was marked by a balanced season, with the vines unfurling beneath a gently warming sun, spared from harsh extremities, enabling a poised and methodically paced ripening of grapes.


An Exemplar of Investment-Calibre Viticulture

2019 Trotanoy from Chateau Trotanoy represents a paradigm of investment-grade viticulture, boasting an affiliation with not only the time-honoured traditions of Bordeaux but also with modern precision that lifts its profile among contemporaries and collectors alike. The commitment to excellence witnessed at Chateau Trotanoy is evident in this vintage; it is a wine that speaks confidently of its heritage whilst enticing savvy investors with its cellar-worthy potential.


Fascinating Flavours: A Vintage Distinctive

On the palate, the 2019 Trotanoy unfolds like an intricate tapestry, woven with threads of luscious dark fruits underscored by an elegant tannic structure which promises longevity. It is not merely the richness of flavour but also the dialectic between intensity and finesse that signifies this offering. Black cherries interlaced with dark chocolate notes, subtle hints of spice, and earthy undertones depict a quintessential Pomerol character, nuanced further by 2019's idyllic growing conditions.

The narrative told by this wine is one of resolute balance; it radiates the graceful confidence obtained when man and nature coalesce in fortuitous harmony. The seamless integration of elements aligns it poignantly with high-potential investment wines – warranting considerable attention from connoisseurs who understand the symphony of fine viticulture combined with astute market acumen.


Conclusio: A Pivotal Pomerol for Perceptive Palettes

The 2019 Trotanoy from Chateau Trotanoy offers not just a snapshot of the climatic serendipity that unfolded in Pomerol that year but serves as a beacon to those who seek refinement in both glass and investment portfolio. It is an essential acquisition for collectors with an eye on Bordeaux's future as much as its venerable past. This vintage stands out precisely because it encapsulates an equilibrium many vintages strive for yet few truly achieve.

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The opaque purple-black colored 2019 Trotanoy slowly emerges from the glass with mystic notes of incense, iron ore, woodsmoke, black truffles and fragrant earth, giving way to a powerful core of ripe black plums, black cherry compote and mulberries with hints of graphite, crushed rocks and moss plus an enchanting waft of iris. The medium to full-bodied palate reveals a heart-thumping interplay between profoundly rich black fruit and an incredible array of mineral and floral sparks, supported by firm-yet-approachable ripe, rounded tannins and tons of freshness, finishing on a persistent ferrous note. Just magic.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 18 June 2020

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