Chateau Ausone   Chapelle dAusone

1998 Chapelle d'Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

1998 Chapelle d’Ausone from Château Ausone, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

The 1998 vintage from Saint-Émilion stands as a beacon of excellence in the late 20th century, with many estates experiencing a remarkable confluence of climatic favour and viticultural expertise. Among these, the 1998 Chapelle d’Ausone from Château Ausone commands a particular reverence.


Heritage and Harmony: A Vintage Investiture

The smaller sibling to the almighty Ausone, the Chapelle d’Ausone delivers an articulate reflection of the estate's traditional winemaking philosophy interlaced with modern nuance. This vintage, celebrated for its structure and balance, came forth from a year that was kind to the Right Bank of Bordeaux, bestowing its vineyards with ample sunlight tempered by requisite rain.


The Pedigree of 1998: An Opulent Offering

The vintage of 1998 itself was significant, wherein the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes reached their zenith in terms of ripeness and aromatic complexity. The resulting wine from Château Ausone shows an opulent array of dark fruits, truffle, and an edge of minerality derived from Saint-Émilion's hallowed limestone soils. It was also a year where tannins achieved an agreeable plushness without sacrificing longevity, granting the 1998 Chapelle d’Ausone an elegant evolution over decades.

A tasting reveals layers; cassis and blackberry confit at its core, surrounded by threads of smoky earthiness and spiced cedar. These intricate nuances have unfurled splendidly over time, offering investors a wine that is not only a testament to a fascinating vintage but one that continues to pique interest among connoisseurs.

In the milieu of fine wine investment, the 1998 Chapelle d’Ausone is a luminary - its prominence a function of exceptional terroir coupled with a benevolent season. For those seeking to enrich their portfolio with a slice of Bordeaux's history, this wine promises not just an experience for the palate but an enduring asset in any collection.

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