Chateau Ausone   Chapelle dAusone

2004 Chapelle d'Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

2004 Chapelle d'Ausone, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France

The 2004 vintage in Bordeaux posed challenges and surprises, leading to wines with distinctive attributes worthy of discerning palates. Within this setting, the 2004 Chapelle d'Ausone from Chateau Ausone shines— a wine of remarkable pedigree hailing from the historical Saint-Émilion region.


Seasonal Serendipity: A Vintage Defying Expectations

A year characterised by an initially cool growing season which saw a miraculous turnaround come September, the 2004 vintage was saved by an Indian summer. It is in such precise climatic conditions that the 2004 Chapelle d'Ausone reflects both resilience and subtlety.


Precision and Poise in A Bottle

This offering from the hallowed halls of Chateau Ausone delivers a tasting experience laced with precision and poise. Swirls of subtle dark fruit complexions bask in the elegance of mineral undertones - a tribute to the unique clay-limestone terroir of Saint-Émilion. The wine's refined, yet structured tannic backbone speaks volumes about its ageing potential - an attribute keenly sought after by fine wine investors.

Intricate layers of flavour unfurl on the palate, boasting a mélange that ranges from blackberry to touches of earthy truffle and spice. It is the kind of eloquent conversation between wine and taster that can only be crafted by skilled vintners amidst challenging conditions.


An Investment in Terrestrial Artistry

To possess a bottle of the 2004 Chapelle d'Ausone is to hold a piece of vinicultural artistry; it encapsulates the fortitude and intricacy of an unpredictable climatic succession deftly managed by Chateau Ausone’s expert winemaking team.

For collectors and investors alike, this vintage presents not just an indulgence for the senses but a sage asset in any portfolio. With each passing year, it ascends further into the pantheon of fine wines where rarity and quality ensure its position as one of the more compelling acquisitions from the 2004 Bordeaux output.

In summoning the spirit and letter of terroir through turbulent seasons, it is apparent why the 2004 Chapelle d'Ausone remains an investable treasure. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when nature’s unpredictability meets the mastery of Chateau Ausone's vinification. A sophisticated addition to any collection; one that is sure to mature as gracefully in bottle as it does in value.

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Proprietor Vauthier’s second wine, the 2004 Chapelle d’Ausone (400 cases produced) is a beautiful effort. It may be the finest second wine currently being made in Bordeaux. It displays much of the same character as its bigger sibling, with sweeter tannins, a softer, more plush personality, and more accessibility. A liquid minerality intermixed with blue and black fruits as well as floral notes are all present. Drink this beauty over the next 15 or more years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2007


A ripe vanillary nose with scents of violets and white flowers. The palate has moderate concentration with ripe cherry, blueberry and cassis. Quite sturdy tannins underneath that ripe fruit, but quite linear on the finish. Fine. Tasted April 2005.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal

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