Chateau Ausone   Chapelle dAusone

2005 Chapelle d'Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

2005 Chapelle d'Ausone from Chateau Ausone, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The majestic 2005 Chapelle d'Ausone from Chateau Ausone represents the pinnacle of Bordeaux winemaking with its rich tapestry of flavours and impeccable structure. This vintage, particularly auspicious for Saint-Emilion, prompted vignerons across the region to whisper of a legendary year, and the resulting wines have not disappointed.


Clarity of Character: A Vintage's Story

The 2005 vintage was a product of a year that winegrowers dream of: a steady, optimal growing season that culminated in flawless harvest conditions. This veritable goldilocks year presented neither excesses nor deficiencies — just bourgeoning fruits with sublime balance. The consequence is that the second wine of the esteemed Chateau Ausone, the Chapelle d'Ausone, sings with an intensity and complexity that transcends expectations.


Reflecting Unparalleled Terroir

This particular year for the 2005 Chapelle d'Ausone is illustrative of its terroir's capabilities when nature conspires so favourably. The wine speaks of its birthplace; the limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion imparts a piercing minerality through the dense curtain of plum richness and complex graphite undertones.

Tertiary notes indicative of sublime ageing are now evident in its profile; truffles, cigar box, and seductive hints of leather all parlay for attention on the palate. Despite its evolution, this vintage maintains an enviable vitality and presents firm tannins signifying considerable years ahead within its noble life cycle.


Sagacity in Investment

Such pedigree and finesse offered by the 2005 Chapelle d'Ausone make it a judicious acquisition for collectors. Wine investment aficionados understand well that vintages with such distinction offer not only sensorial delight but also potential financial reward as their rarity and allure burgeon with time's passage.

In summary, the 2005 vintage from Chapelle d'Ausone resonates with the magic of an illustrious year in Bordeaux’s winemaking. As it gracefully matures, it represents both an exquisite journey into the refined craftmanship of Chateau Ausone and an astute addition to any investment portfolio.

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Tasted single blind at Southwold. This has a very pure nose, good definition; not so much oak as the other wines in this flight, holding back a little. Just pure Saint Emilion - fresh, crisp and pleasurable. This is very refined on the palate, medium-bodied, prudent oak, natural with touches of sloes and damson towards the finish. Sensuous and refined- and bloody gorgeous. Drink now-2018+ Tasted January 2009.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2009


The second wine of Ausone, the Chapelle d’Ausone, usually represents about 50% of the production from this tiny historic vineyard. The 2005 has a dense minerality, sweet blueberry and blackberry fruit, and plenty of flowers and crushed rock in a full-bodied, stunningly concentrated style. Amazingly, this second wine is probably better than many of the great Ausones from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s! Drink it over the next 30+ years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015


There are approximately 500 cases of the second wine, the 2005 La Chapelle d'Ausone, which makes a mockery of many grand vins produced at this estate in the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Made in the style of its bigger sibling, it possesses a deep ruby/purple color as well as a sweet nose of crushed rocks, figs, blackberries, raspberries, smoke, and earth. Softer and more approachable, I would not be surprised if it were preferred over its more powerful, backward sibling in a blind tasting. It is a pure, sweet, undeniably great effort in this vintage. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2030.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #176

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