Chateau Ausone   Chapelle dAusone

2010 Chapelle d'Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

2010 Chapelle d'Ausone from Chateau Ausone, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of fine Bordeaux, certain vintages rise to the fore, enchanting connoisseurs and collectors alike. The 2010 Chapelle d'Ausone from Chateau Ausone is one such vintage, harmoniously marrying the quintessence of its terroir with a year that has garnered effusive praise for its stellar conditions. As Saint-Émilion’s landscape yielded its bounty, 2010 emerged as a year that imprinted its character indelibly upon the wines it spawned.


Nose and Palate: A Vintage's Virtues Vividly Captured

Upon decanting, one is struck by the bold aromatics that leap from the glass—a tapestry woven with ripe dark fruits and an undercurrent of mineral complexity typical of the limestone-rich soils of Saint-Émilion. The 2010 Chapelle d'Ausone unveils itself with precision and poise, allowing each sip to impart a symphony of flavours where blackcurrant and hints of tobacco play leading roles on the palate.

The tannin structure in this vintage is robust yet impeccably refined; emblematic of a year where phenolic maturity was achieved with grace. Time in the cellar has allowed these tannins to soften, rendering a wine that is not only approachable now but promises continued evolution for those who invest their patience.


Climatic Serendipity and Astute Viniculture Converge

The weather gods smiled favourably upon Bordeaux in 2010, bestowing a cool spring and a subsequent summer of optimal warmth devoid of extremities. This equilibrium fostered an unhurried ripening, allowing grapes to maintain vital acidity whilst developing profound flavour concentration—an attribute strikingly evident in the poised equilibrium of this wine.

Underscored by astute vinicultural practices at Chateau Ausone, every meticulous process from vineyard to bottle has ensured that this Chapelle d'Ausone encapsulates not merely a snapshot of the year 2010 but a transcendent expression of time and place.

I urge enthusiasts seeking wines with investment potential to look towards the 2010 Chapelle d'Ausone. This vintage heralds not merely as an embodiment of excellence from Chateau Ausone, but as a compelling narrative written in vinous form—a narrative destined to mature gloriously in both cellars and portfolios.

Lest we forget, it is such distinct vintages that grow ever more valuable with time, not solely in pecuniary terms but as irreplaceable treasures of oenological artistry. To possess a bottle is to own a vestige of 2010's grace; to taste it is to partake in its enduring legacy.

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Tasted at Chateau Ausone. The bouquet on the Chapelle d'Ausone is very well defined with intense blackberry, cassis and seaweed aromas, plus a ferrous note in the background. The palate is medium-bodied with a pure, ripe, sensual entry and to be honest, you are just smitten from here on in. Beautifully balanced with perfectly pitched acidity

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2013


There is an amazing depth of berries, orange blossom and minerals. Wet earth too. Full body, with a super velvety palate of super polished tannins. It deep and soulful. It goes for minutes on the palate. This is very structured and muscular. Nearly always one of my favorite second wines. Try after 2018.

James Suckling -, February 3rd 2013


The 2010 Chapelle Ausone is a very elegant wine with rather tart acids, this second wine of Ausone is medium-bodied, has dark raspberry and blueberry fruit notes with some hints of wet stones. Pure, nicely textured, but rather backward, this wine needs further bottle age. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2030. One of the other perfectionist, compulsive producers in St.-Emilion is Alain Vauthier, who is now capably assisted by his daughter.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 2013

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