Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere   Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere

1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

By Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The venerable estates of Saint-Emilion rarely pause in their pursuit of vinicultural excellence, but every so often, a vintage arises that compels even these storied vintners to stand back in admiration. The 1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is one such vintage, encapsulating an exceptional year with poise and dignity.


A Vintage Defined by Elegance and Structure

From its very inception, the 1995 vintage in Bordeaux was marked by climatic generosity. A timely flowering led into long, languid summer days, culminating in an autumn harvest where berries were plucked at the zenith of ripeness. The yield from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere captures this serendipitous alignment of nature with admirable finesse.

The celestial constellation of merlot, cabernet franc and a whisper of cabernet sauvignon in the 1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere weaves a tapestry of complexity. From its deep garnet hue to its bouquet brimming with dark cherries, tobacco and an undertow of earthy truffles, this wine is anchored firmly in the soil from which it originates.


Savouring a Legacy

To taste the 1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere now is to engage in a dialogue with time itself. Its tannins have mellowed, yet remain articulate, asserting their presence amidst layers of mature fruit and vestiges of oak. On the palate, the wine's structure is illuminated by a harmonious acidity that escorts flavours towards an enduring finish.

For a fine wine investor, aligning one's portfolio with the 1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is to embrace not only the storied terroir of Saint-Emilion but also the enduring pedigree of a standout vintage. Delicate enough to charm the most discerning palate yet robust enough to promise further unfolding complexities with time, this vintage remains a prestigious addition to any collection.



In conclusion, this particular bottle stands as a testament to the excellence that Saint-Emilion can reach when all variables align perfectly. As it continues to evolve subtly within the bottle – the 1995 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is an investment-worthy wine that not only excites at corkscrew's turn but promises to be a jewel within any connoisseur's cellar for years to come.

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A massive wine, with a cigar box, chocolatey, thick, black currant and cherry-scented nose, this full-bodied wine is crammed with layers of fruit, extract, glycerin, and alcohol. Spicy yet rich, with high tannin, the 1995 Canon-La-Gaffeliere will need a minimum of 5-6 years of cellaring. The finish is long and rich, and the tannin sweet rather than astringent. Anticipated maturity: 2004-2020.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 February 1998

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