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1996 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

By Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

1996 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

The 1996 vintage from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is a quintessential representation of Saint-Emilion's prowess and its ability to craft wines that marry power with finesse. The year was marked by a balanced growing season in Bordeaux, allowing for disciplined ripening and optimal grape condition. With a splendid combination of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, this vintage amplifies the best of Saint-Emilion’s terroir.


A Palate of Poise: The 1996 Vintage

Approaching the peak of its maturity, the 1996 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere exhibits an arresting bouquet of black cherries and plums complemented by an alluring undercurrent of truffle, leather, and anise. It is a wine poised elegantly between the vigour of youth and the wisdom of age; the tannins have softened to a silken texture yet support the vivid fruit composition with unwavering grace.


Elegance in Evolution: A Journey Through Time

The '96 vintage stands as a testament to Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere's meticulous viticulture and precision enology. The balance here is superb – a harmonious interplay that emerges on the palate with every sip. As it breathes, layers unfold revealing secondary complexity – tobacco leaf and cedar notes begin to orbit the core fruit profile, drawing one deeper into its narrative.

With this evolution in mind, each bottle from the 1996 vintage is now an incredibly attractive proposition for fine wine investors. The assured longevity and exquisite development of this wine cement its status as one of the most intriguing offerings from one of Bordeaux's time-honoured appellations.


Investment-worthy Indulgence

In the realm of investment wines, the benchmarks are quality and potential for value appreciation. The 1996 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere sits comfortably among these standards, promising fruitful returns both on the palate and in the cellar. With bottles of this calibre in one’s portfolio, it's not only financial capital that appreciates – it's cultural capital too. Far more than simple assets, they become repositories of history and pleasure, echoing Bordeaux’s noble winemaking tradition across decades.

Distinguished connoisseurs seeking to enhance their collection would find it prudent to consider this superb vintage for its elegance, complexity and investment potential. A living example of Saint-Emilion heritage, the 1996 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere embodies nuanced depth with confident structure – qualities that stand as sureties for its continued desirability amongst discerning palates and investors alike.

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This is one of St.-Emilion's most impressively constituted and expressive wines. From its saturated purple color, to its soaring aromatics (pain grille, jammy black fruits, chocolate, roasted coffee, and smoke), this full-bodied, meaty, chewy, powerful wine is loaded with extract, sweet tannin for the vintage, and possesses a layered, multidimensional finish. It should continue to improve for a decade, and drink well for 15-20 years. Anticipated maturity: 2007-2020.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 April 1999

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