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2001 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

By Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere

2001 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

The millennium era in Bordeaux has been a subject of fascination and delight among connoisseurs, with the 2001 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere representing a particularly fascinating chapter in the annals of fine wine investing. Without the rambunctious fanfare of its immediate predecessor, the 2001 vintage has proven to be a sleeper hit, demonstrating impressive ageing potential and a more discreet charm.


The Elegance of Evolution: A Vintage Unfolding Beautifully

Encapsulating the merits of its terroir, the 2001 vintage at Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is a testament to the estate's ability to cultivate a wine that meticulously matures with grace and vigour. Two decades on, this vintage reveals a patina of complexity atop its initially vibrant fruit profile. Its bouquet unfurls with nuanced notes of truffle, cigar box and dried violets, edged by an enduring blackcurrant core. On the palate, the merger of Merlot and Cabernet Franc creates an intricate dance between supple tannins and a vibrant acidity that sustains the wine’s fresh appeal.


A Sage Investment: The Nuanced Choice for Aficionados

For investors seeking to diversify their portfolios beyond the sought-after opulence of bolder vintages, the 2001 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere offers an opportunity to capitalise on a vintage whose reputation only augments with time. Its current phase presents an optimal balance between youthful vivacity and mellowed wisdom—a duality that could be broached with much benefit in both tasting and investment circles.

Enthusiasts revisiting 2001's crop will find that Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere has nurtured their offering into a composition befitting its Saint-Emilion heritage. Here we encounter one of Bordeaux's more serene stars; one that captures the innate potential of understated years to exude finesse and depth when lovingly fostered.

In summary, the 2001 Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere from Chateau Canon-la-Gaffeliere is an emblematic figure of Bordelais excellence—subtle yet stunning, with echoes of tradition harmonising with contemporary desires for fine wines of impeccable ageing trajectory. It serves as both a jewel for collectors and an intelligent addition to any investment portfolio with an eye for the enduring nature of classic Saint-Emilion artistry.

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Made in a structured, tannic, restrained style (representative of the vintage’s overall personality), this medium to full-bodied 2001 exhibits scents of espresso roast, cedar, chocolate, black currants, and cherries. With sweet but noticeable tannin, exceptional multilayered flavors, and excellent texture, elegance as well as purity, it will be at its finest between 2005-2013.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2004

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