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2020 Chateau Faugeres

By Chateau Peby Faugeres

2020 Château Faugères from Château Péby Faugères, Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux

In a region as respected as Saint-Émilion, to find a standout vintage is akin to discovering hidden treasure among the vines. The 2020 Château Faugères from Château Péby Faugères offers such an experience, deftly weaving the tapestry of tradition with contemporary craftsmanship.


A Vintage Synonymous with Elegance and Balance

The 2020 vintage in Bordeaux is already being whispered about in revered tones for its pristine structure and balance. Indeed, the climate has imparted a distinctive poise upon the 2020 Château Faugères; a testament to the winemaker's skill in harnessing a year that flirted with extremes, yet ultimately delivered grapes of exquisite maturity and concentration.

Crafting an investment-worthy wine requires precision and intuition. The 2020 Château Faugères illuminates this mastery, representing a celestial alignment of climatic benevolence and sagacious viniculture. This particular offering from Château Péby Faugères fingers the pulse of modern investor demand, balancing immediate sensual appeal with the structure to endure for decades.


Terrain and Temperament: The Soul of Saint-Émilion

The terroir of Saint-Émilion—a kaleidoscope of limestone and clay—is revived through the realm of this vintage. Here, in the 2020 Château Faugères, one uncovers an extravagant bouquet brimming with dark fruit and punctuated by herbaceous grace notes. On the palate, the silken tannins harmonize with a core of cassis and spice, mirroring an autumnal dance between earthiness and vitality that only this clay-laden soil can choreograph.


An Ode to Sophisticated Investment

For those seeking to diversify their portfolios, or simply indulge in the pleasure of fine wine, the 2020 Château Faugères emerges as an opportunity to invest in pontifical opulence and burgeoning potential. Heralding from an impeccable lineage, this vintage is poised for ascendance within investment circles—its narrative already unfolding across the tongues of enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, while each sip revisits the storied past of Bordeaux winemaking, every glass poured from this compelling vintage propels us toward a future resplendent with promise. Watch closely as the 2020 vintage from Château Péby Faugères ascends in both acclaim and value—an endeavor meriting attention and anticipation.

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The 2020 Péby Faugères sports a deep purple-black color and pronounced notes of blueberry preserves, plum pudding and Christmas cake, followed by hints of licorice, Indian spices and sandalwood with a waft of wild mushrooms. The full-bodied palate is jam-packed with concentrated black fruit preserves, framed by super firm, ripe, grainy tannins and tons of freshness, finishing very long and spicy. This wine has all the volume nobs turned to maximum—and it works! Definitely one for the hedonists, though.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 20 May 2021

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