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1997 Climens

By Chateau Climens

1997 Climens from Château Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The lofty ranks of sweet wine aficionados regularly extol the virtues of Sauternes, and within this gilded enclave, Château Climens stands as a beacon of excellence. The 1997 Climens from this esteemed producer is no exception to their storied legacy, presenting an opportunity for fine wine investors to delve into a vintage whose distinct personality is birthed from the unique climatic narrative of that year.


Harmonious Complexity: A Vintage's Tale

1997 was a year marked by a drier winter and spring, accentuating the need for meticulous attention in the vineyard. The summer brought welcome warmth, ushering in optimal conditions that paved the way for an early harvest. The resulting berries, infused with noble rot—botrytis cinerea—achieved sublime concentration, promising vibrancy and depth to the blend.


The Artistry Exuding from 1997 Climens

In the glass, the 1997 Climens is a liquid tapestry woven from golden threads. On the nose, it unfurls honeyed aromas punctuated by tropical fruit nuances and entrancing botrytised complexity. A sip introduces a decadently smooth palate layered with ripe apricot and candied lemon zest, underscored by a counterpoint of umami richness which crescendos into an elegantly sustained finish.

This anthology of flavours encapsulates not just the hallmark traits of Sauternes but elevates the conversation with whispered tales of ‘97’s unique terroir-driven narrative—an invaluable asset in the portfolio of any discerning fine wine investor.

Captivating in its youth, time has bestowed upon this wine a serene mellowness that solidifies its status as a paragon within the investment community. The 1997 Climens undeniably fulfils the criteria for inclusion in any collection seeking wines with historical charm and promising appreciation potential.


A Worthy Epoch for Collectors and Enthusiasts Alike

In essence, integrating the wonderfully aged 1997 Climens into one's repository affords a dual reward: the immediate gratification derived from beholding such an intricate exemplar of Sauternes craft and the long-term cogitation on its future trajectory within the sphere of fine wine investment. Recognising its worth goes hand in hand with understanding how this particular vintage unfurls within both its historical context and its present-day narrative; it is a dispatch from the past with profound implications for future pleasure and providence.

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Consistently one of the most profound wines of Barsac/Sauternes, this wine, made from 100% Semillon, is one of the most ravishing examples of just how much elegance can be built into a powerful race horse style of wine. The classic 1997 Climens boasts gorgeously pure pineapple, citrus, butter, mineral, and floral scents in its soaring aromatics. While it is not a blockbuster, it is medium to full-bodied, with extraordinary precision, elegance, and purity. This slightly sweet Climens should drink well young, but evolve nicely for 15-30 years. It is unquestionably a high-class Barsac. Anticipated maturity: 2003-2025. (No tasting note was provided in Issue 128. We have instead included the text of the tasting note from Issue 122)

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 20 April 2000

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