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1998 Climens

By Chateau Climens

1998 Climens from Chateau Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 1998 vintage stands as a testament to the meticulous viticulture and precise winemaking that are hallmarks of Climens. Nestled in the revered Sauternes appellation of Bordeaux, Chateau Climens's offering from this year captures a unique snapshot of time, encapsulated within each bottle. The weather patterns of '98, notably the drier early summer followed by the crucial September rains, provided an ideal canvas for botrytis cinerea to work its alchemic magic.


Investment and Indulgence: The Duality of Climens

The enduring appeal of Climens for fine wine investors is matched only by its sensory delight. For those fortunate enough to encounter the 1998 Climens, it is a financial asset and a hedonistic experience. This vintage signifies not merely the château's consistent excellence but a particular epoch where nature and nurture coalesced sublimely.


Meticulous Harvest, Magnificent Outcome

The harvest of 1998 was conducted with painstaking care, bunch by bunch selection ensured that only grapes with the perfect balance of sugar concentration and botrytis were chosen. The result is a wine with an exceptional structure: a mosaic of honeyed apricots, candied citrus peel, and toasted almond nuances. There's an underlying vitality in this vintage—a lively acidity—that affords the 1998 Climens from Chateau Climens a surprising vivacity amidst its luscious texture.

The complex symphony of flavours sings in harmony, supported by an oak-aged sotto voce that lends an elegant framework without overpowering the opulent fruit character. This is a compelling iteration of Sauternes nobility that has aged magnificently into its current state, offering a mature palate both grandeur and grace.

At its pinnacle now or in the ensuing years, the 1998 Climens represents a wise addition to any serious portfolio. As it graces glasses and enlivens conversations, it simultaneously stands as a solid column in the edifice of strategic wine investment. In this singular expression from Chateau Climens lies not just the craftsmanship but also the foresight of devoted artisans, whose labor under the Bordeaux sun has produced liquid treasure with appreciable value beyond its initial acclaim.

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Pale to medium gold in color, the 1998 Climens has a nose of chalk dust, lemongrass, straw and dried apples with hints of candied lemons and toasted almonds. The palate is a little tired and fading, with pleasant nutty/savory notions and a bit of dryness to the finish. Drink up!

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 31 May 2018

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