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1999 Climens

By Chateau Climens

1999 Climens from Chateau Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 1999 vintage from Chateau Climens is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence the Barsac terroir emboldens within its wines. This particular year was marred by variable weather, which culminated in a harvest that brought forth a selection of botrytized grapes ideal for producing Sauternes of notable quality.


Artistry in Assemblage: The 1999 Climens

The climactic dance of a wet spring followed by a warm, dry summer set the stage for noble rot to manifest with precision in the vineyards of Chateau Climens. The vines, nurtured through these rigorous climatic patterns, yielded fruit that captures a delightful duality: concentration and vivacity.

The assemblage of the 1999 Climens reveals an aromatic opulence, where quince and apricot confiture aromas entwine gracefully with subtle hints of almond and honey. Each sip unveils layers of complexity that are uniquely characteristic of this vintage. It’s the precision of balance between sweetness and acidity that crystallises its age-worthy stature in the lexicon of fine wine investment.


Vintage Distinction: Investing in Terroir Triumphs

As connoisseurs and investors alike seek vintages with attributes that set them apart, the 1999 Climens offers a compelling narrative—an alchemy derived from a challenging season skillfully harnessed. The Barsac provenance resonates deeply in this offering from Chateau Climens, showcasing their ability to produce liquid gold even when nature’s idiosyncrasies might suggest otherwise.

In investing parlance, the 1999 Climens is akin to securing a blue-chip asset; it represents both the resilience and the finesse inherent in high-calibre Sauternes. It's no mere hedonic indulgence but rather an astute addition to one's portfolio—promising not only sensory pleasure but also potential for long-term value appreciation.


Conclusion: The Investment-worthy Elixir

In totality, the 1999 Climens from Chateau Climens bears the hallmark of deft craftsmanship coalesced with a vintage-specific flair. For patrons of exceptional Sauternes seeking a storied vintage that transcends typical investment-grade wines, this ensemble not only resonates with depth but also reflects an unrivalled commitment to quality against climatic odds—a true jewel in any discerning investor's cache.

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