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2002 Climens

By Chateau Climens

2002 Climens from Château Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

Upon revisiting the illustrious 2002 Climens from Château Climens, the wine unravels itself with an exquisite narrative of time and terroir. As a Sauternes devotee, this vintage, often overshadowed by its more celebrated forebears, offers a remarkable opportunity for collectors and investors alike to immerse in the finesse that defined the year.


Noble Aspirations: The 2002 Vintage's Journey

The Sauternes region, a sweet spot in Bordeaux’s vinous tapestry, carries a distinguished history. Yet in 2002 conditions were on the knife-edge; rain provoked worry, but dry weather ensued at the crucial moment. Berries infected with noble rot attained optimum concentration, giving birth to balanced wines with brilliant acidity offering a counterpoint to their opulent sweetness. 2002 Climens embodies this perfect storm – a testament to how Château Climens' masterful viticulture harnesses and showcases such capricious climatic ballets.


An Investment in Liquid Gold

For astute investors of fine wines, the radiant gold hue of 2002 Climens is a beacon of underrated potential. It offers an intriguing duality – immediate pleasure to those who savour it now and untapped evolution for those who allow it cellar-time to unfold its empyrean tapestry.

The palate experience transmits vibrant nuances of candied apricot intertwined with whispers of honeyed ginger and citrus peel zest – something like an ethereal ambrosia captured in liquid form. Its buoyant freshness underneath a veil of richness ensures excitement upon every sip taken and suggests even exhilarating complexities as it matures.

Combining the inherent longevity of classic Sauternes with a certain undervalued charm, investors would do well to regard the 2002 Climens as a polished gem within their portfolios. In a symphony of delicacy and power, this wine stands as a witness to the subtleties that can make a vintage singular within the continuum of a grand estate's narrative.


In Vino Veritas: The Distinctive Story of 2002

The year's defining dichotomy between potential disaster and ultimate triumph has cemented 2002 Climens as one of the most intriguing vintages from Château Climens. Its journey from vine to bottle is encapsulated in every glass poured, evoking not merely a tasting note but a historical archive fit for both connoisseurship and investment consideration.

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Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2005

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