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2004 Climens

By Chateau Climens

The Exceptional 2004 Climens from Chateau Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

In the annals of Sauternes, few vintages have ensnared the collective palate quite like the 2004 Climens from Chateau Climens—an exquisite illustration of balance and complexity. In what proved to be a captivating year for Bordeaux's sweet wines, Chateau Climens imparted to this vintage an unforgettable melody of refinement and depth.


Noteworthy Vintage: A Paradigm of Excellence

The 2004 season in Sauternes was marked by favourable conditions—alternating periods of wet and dry weather—that provided the perfect amphitheatre for the botrytis cinerea to weave its noble rot. Such elements permitted this vintage to not just emulate but elevate the storied essence of Chateau Climens. The harvest, meticulously conducted as a series of selective pickings, captured the grapes at their zenith of botrytised perfection.


Captering Investment Potential with Unparalleled Elegance

As one delves into the glass, the 2004 Climens unveils a beguiling bouquet interwoven with candied apricot, honeyed figs, and a whisper of toasted almond. On the palate, this sensory promenade progresses with layers of citrus marmalade, saffron and a subtle hint of oak that provide an enfolding richness without obfuscation of finesse. Acidity remains deftly poised; a lifeline amidst the opulence—vibrant, zesty, ensuring longevity and freshness for those with the acumen to invest in such fine wine.

The masterstroke of this 2004 Climens comes from its poised evolution; it plays a multidimensional symphony on the palate that lingers long after the last sip has been savoured—a true testament to its transformative nature. It is one of those rarified expressions that continue to unfold with each passing year in bottle—an elixir evolving with grace and purpose.

In conclusion, perceptive investors seeking to imbue their collections with a sterling example of Sauternes' might will find in the 2004 Climens from Chateau Climens an anchor—a wine resplendent with all the hallmarks that articulate not just an excellent investment opportunity but also an enduring narrative of a superb vintage, meticulously crafted by one of Bordeaux's most distinguished estates.

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The 2004 Climens is beginning to open up nicely – no surprise given that this Barsac always needs a decade in bottle. The nose has a delicacy that is uncommon for a youthful Climens, unfurling with subtle scents of caramelized butter, dried honey, mint and lemon thyme, but immediately identifiable as Climens. The palate is viscous on the entry, with Climens’ trademark spiciness lurking under the surface. This is very harmonious and focused – probably just beginning to enter its drinking plateau. I suspect that it will never reach the heights of the 2001 or 2009, but is a very commendable “second tier” Climens. Drink now-2035. Tasted February 2014.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2014

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