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2005 Climens

By Chateau Climens

2005 Climens from Chateau Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 2005 vintage in Bordeaux stands as a testament to the region's capacity for producing wines that beautifully marry power with elegance, concentration with finesse. In this regard, the 2005 Climens from Chateau Climens resonates as an exceptional embodiment of Sauternes' marvels. My long-standing affair with Bordeaux sweet wines has seldom been so impassioned as with the particular nuances and profundity of this year's offering from Chateau Climens.


An Investment-grade Nectar with Precise Character

The investment landscape for fine wines is enriched by the inclusion of sumptuous sweet wines, and the 2005 Climens represents a pinnacle for collectors and connoisseurs alike. The liquid gold that is Sauternes finds in this vintage a benchmark against which other years are often measured.


Botrytis Brilliance: A Marvel of the 2005 Vintage

In 2005, Chateau Climens's vineyards basked under optimal conditions, allowing the Botrytis cinerea, the noble rot, to develop with meticulous precision. This consummate balance of nature's alchemy has infused the wine with an astoundingly complex aromatic profile—one that swirls with candied ginger, tart pineapple, and exhilarating hints of citrus zest. The palate does not fall short in mirroring this aromatic intricacy; waves of acacia honey and nuanced spicy oak envelop the tongue, while a backbone of vibrant acidity grants the wine an almost ethereal lift and longevity in finish.

Oftentimes, Sauternes can fall prey to overbearing sweetness; not so for the 2005 Climens. Here we find a harmonious tension between sugar and acidity, weight and levity—a graceful dance that sails through decades.

In summation, as a beacon for wine investment, the 2005 Climens from Chateau Climens exemplifies collectability with its extraordinary quality and aging potential. Those positioned to partake in this vintage are advised to do so with a sense of urgency similar to that which Mother Nature herself commands during harvest—this is a wine poised to become increasingly scarce as its legendary status grows among aficionados. For those seeking an ascendant star in their investment portfolio, the 2005 Climens should be paramount.

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Tasted blind at the 10-Year On Tasting in Sauternes. The 2005 Château Climens just soars from the glass with layers of clear honey, marmalade, nectarine and minerals all beautifully carved. The palate is medium-bodied with fresh, vibrant honeyed fruit that builds and builds in the mouth in tandem with a killer line of acidity. Even though it is a convincing, great Climens, you also have the impression that it is only just beginning to show what it is capable of. Bérénice Lurton and her team excelled in this vintage and it comes strongly recommended.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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