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2010 Climens

By Chateau Climens

2010 Climens from Chateau Climens, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 2010 vintage from Chateau Climens, a jewel in the crown of Sauternes, represents one of the most commendable achievements for this esteemed estate. Holding a reputation for the alchemical transformation of Sémillon under botrytis' benevolent influence, these golden elixirs are woven into the very fabric of fine wine investment portfolios.


An Affirmation of Exquisite Terroir

Set within a patchwork of gravel and sand atop red clay, the Chateau Climens terroir has, in 2010, given its finest expression. The climatic generosity of this year, with its balance of warm days and cool nights, bestowed upon us a botrytized magnificence that reached into every bunch from this Barsac estate.


Remarkable Transmutation: The Essence of 2010 Climens

The careful orchestration of nature and vintner's expertise culminated in a vintage that distils the very essence of complexity and vigour. On the palate, the 2010 Climens delivers an exquisite performance – a cavalcade of candied apricot, ginger, honeyed almonds, and a whisper of citrus zest. Its acidity pirouettes through the sumptuous sweetness with an elegance that could only be choreographed by a master; ensuring the vintage’s longevity while underscoring its immediate allure.

Collectors seeking accretion in their investment corpus will find solace in knowing that the 2010 Climens is poised to flourish in both value and taste over the forthcoming decades. As it matures, expect additional layers to unfurl like a tapestry bearing testimony to an extraordinary year for Bordeaux's sweet wines.


A Distinctive Investment Grade Vintage

In summation, the 2010 Climens from Chateau Climens emerges as an exemplary cast from the exceptional Bordeaux narrative - one that resonates with connoisseurs and investors alike. Its distinctiveness lies not merely in its opulent profile but equally in its structure which portends remarkable ageability. One is greeted by both potential and polish with this dulcet nectar – a combination that asserts its desirability within fine wine circles as an intelligent addition to any discerning repository.

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Pale to medium lemon-gold colored, the 2010 Climens offers a lifted, floral nose of orange blossoms and jasmine over a core of lime cordial, grapefruit oil and dried apricots plus hints of lemon preserves and ginger nut. Very sweet, hedonic and fantastically seductive in the mouth, the concentration is beautifully offset by lovely freshness, finishing with fantastic length.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 5 March 2020

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