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2020 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

2020 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

Amid the softly rolling hills of St-Julien, Bordeaux, the 2020 vintage from Chateau Talbot unearths a fresh chapter for the seasoned aficionado. A good vintage is akin to a tale that unfolds upon the palate, and this release is like a novel penned with an indulgent flourish.


Resilience in the Vineyard, Elegance in the Bottle

Despite the challenges presented during the growing season of 2020, the vines at Chateau Talbot stood resilient. Unphased by nature's rigours, they have offered a yield that mirrors the tenacity of their terroir. One must tip their hat to the vigour with which this vintage has so keenly defined itself amidst inclement climatic contests.


A Sensorial Cornucopia

Indulgence is woven into every sip of this nectar; it carries an air of youthful exuberance tempered by an underlying depth which whispers tales of expert viniculture. A medley of dark fruits, most notably cassis and plums, engage in a dance with more subtle notes of cedar and tobacco—a munificent bouquet courtesy of a sumptuous blend of traditional Bordeaux varietals.

Oenophiles will appreciate the balance struck between succulence and structure; a hallmark of 2020 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot. The tannins are assertive yet refined, presaging a future where elegance matures into grace with cellaring potential that sparks curiosity and anticipation amongst those with an eye to wise wine investments.

In this vintage, one recognises an ensemble performance—a symphony conducted by claret maestros that promises to age with as much pedigree as it possesses in its nascent vibrancy.


Investment-Grade Vintage: A Veritable Asset

For investors seeking entrée into the echelons of fine wines or looking to expand their portfolios, 2020 Chateau Talbot signifies not only a delightful drinking experience but also a solid investment prospect. The backbone of its structure suggests it will rise and evolve gracefully in the cellar.

In summary, those fortuitous enough to uncork or uncage this specimen in future decades will likely luxuriate in its storied evolution—a prime example of enduring Bordelaise craftsmanship embedded within every drop of 2020 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot. Clearly, it stands as one to watch and, more importantly, one to invest in with confidence.

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Deep purple-black colored, the 2020 Talbot storms out of the glass with powerful blackcurrants, raspberry leaves and baked plums scents, followed by suggestions of dried Mediterranean herbs, tobacco leaf and graphite. The medium-bodied palate delivers lovely freshness and an approachable chewiness, nicely framing the herb-laced black fruits, finishing savory.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 20 May 2021

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