Domaine Comte de Vogue   Chambolle Musigny

2019 Chambolle-Musigny

By Domaine Comte de Vogue

2019 Chambolle-Musigny from Domaine Comte de Vogue, Burgundy

The esteemed appellation of Chambolle-Musigny, known for wines of finesse and elegance, offers a new chapter with the 2019 vintage—one that astutely preserves the lineage of its forebears. Domaine Comte de Vogue's expressions of this vintage are particularly noteworthy for their embodiment of both strength and aromatic complexity.


Refinement in a Year of Extremes

The Burgundian landscape faced climatic tests in 2019, a year characterised by swings from drought to deluge. However, skillful vineyard stewardship and the region's limestone-clay terroir prevailed to yield grapes that speak to the charm of Chambolle-Musigny. This 2019 Chambolle-Musigny from Domaine Comte de Vogue showcases an acute balance between structural tannins and an undercurrent of mineral verve—a formidable pivot from riper vintages past.


A Modern Icon Ripe for Investment

Gleaming ruby in the glass, this 2019 specimen articulates bright red cherries and hawthorn blossom on the nose, leading to an invigorating palate nuanced by pomegranate and earthy undertones. The firm yet refined structure provided by well-integrated oak encourages a symphony of lingering flavours—a testament to its potential longevity and auspiciousness for investment.

In the context of wine investment, combing through vintages for hidden gems is essential, and the 2019 Chambolle-Musigny from Domaine Comte de Vogue stands out as a shining candidate. Reflecting the resilience of Burgundy's esteemed vines, it offers investors both immediate pleasure and future gratification as it matures with grace.

Cherished collectors and astute investors would do well to make note of this vintage’s poise amidst adversity; this 2019 Chambolle-Musigny harnesses the best of its challenging season to deliver a vintage with extraordinary ageing capacity and a narrative woven into every sip. As one delves into the subtleties present in each glass, it becomes evident why this vintage merits a respected place in any discerning portfolio.

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