Domaine des Comtes Lafon   Meursault Goutte dOr

2015 Meursault Goutte d'Or

By Domaine des Comtes Lafon

2013 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of hallowed white wines, few command the reverence accorded to Burgundy's Grand Cru treasures. Among such oenological aristocrats is the 2013 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive – a wine that adeptly encapsulates the vintage's dramatic narrative.


Precise Vintage, Peerless Vintners

The 2013 growing season was one besieged by nature's caprices, demandingly exacting for vine tenders. The fluctuating fortunes sculpted a challenging terroir theatre for Burgundy's artisans. Integerity and mastery defined the winemaking at Domaine Leflaive, steering their 2013 Batard-Montrachet towards an expression of exactitude amidst meteorological turmoil.


A Connoisseur's Chronicle: The 2013 Coup De Genius

Though beset by a late start and a tumultuous summer, 2013's yield saw a confluence of fresh acidity and structured minerality. The Batard-Montrachet's robe of golden hue hints at the opulence within. On the nose, there's an eloquent dialogue between restrained oak and an orchestral suite of toasted almond, acacia blossom, and a whisper of citrus zest. Then comes the palate – an expert choreography of weight and finesse, mirroring peach and apricot nuances, converging into a lingering finish that commands respect for its persistent minerality and understated power.

Imbued with longevity in mind, this is not merely a white wine but an investment piece that will enthral collectors who understand the prudent acumen required for cellar patience.


A Liquid Legacy in the Leflaive Lineage

Guiding sippers through intricate layers of complexity, 2013 Batard-Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive stands as one of the more cerebral embodiments of its kind. For the sagacious investor or connoisseur, acquiring this wine is not just possession—it is participation in a legacy artfully crafted from chaotic climatic conditions yielding sheer brilliance in a bottle.

Cleverly integrating both poised pedigree and potential for growth, the 2013 vintage invites a contemplative analysis for portfolios with taste for longevity and quality. Indeed, among wise circles investing in sublime vintages like this is investing in the stratification of pleasure over time.

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