Domaine Leroy   Chambolle Les Fremieres

1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres

By Domaine Leroy

1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the realm of fine wines, certain vintages resonate with such intensity that they become yardsticks against which future and past years are measured. The 1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy is one such example, seducing connoisseurs and investors alike with its symphonic blend of provenance and performance.


A Vintage Enshrined in Elegance

The year 1990 remains an extraordinary vintage for Burgundy, a season graced by an alignment of climatic serenity and masterful vinification. The harvest yielded fruit of immaculate ripeness, laying the foundation for what would emerge as wines of extraordinary complexity and longevity. The terroir of Chambolle-Musigny, with its delicate balance of clay and limestone, conjured a mesmerising alchemy in the hands of Domaine Leroy.


Tasting Notes: A Voyage Through Time

Now matured into a majesty that only time can bestow, the 1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres presents a bouquet that weaves seamlessly between ripe cherries, hints of violet and earthy truffle undertones. On the palate, it cascades like silk, an intricate dance of tannins unfolded effortlessly through decades. Its finish lingers with grace, hinting at spices and a whisper of oak gained from serene ageing.

The profundity with which the 1990 vintage articulates the nuances of its climatic idyll is unassailable; it was a year that endowed its nectar with an equilibrium seldom achieved. Investors seeking wines with pedigree will note the formidable reputation associated with this particular offering from Domaine Leroy.


Investment on the Palate

As time marches indomitably forward, the 1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres stands as a testament to the virtues of patience in both viticulture and investment. An exemplar within Chambolle-Musigny's storied lineage, this vintage bears all the hallmarks necessary for an erudite addition to any discerning portfolio.

To encounter a bottle is to partake in a sensorial journey through history, one ancillary to mere appreciation but bound to judicious acquisition. As you consider your next venerated treasure, let the 1990 Chambolle Les Fremieres be etched not only on your palate but also within your collection.

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Among the other premiers crus, there is an elegant, sweet, soft, floral, perfumed Chambolle-Musigny-Les Fremieres. I thought it was drinkable now, but Madame Bize-Leroy feels it needs another 7-8 years. I am unconvinced, but then, her wines have an uncanny knack for aging effortlessly for decades. Importer: Martine's Wines, San Rafael, CA.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 October 1992

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