Domaine Leroy   Chambolle Les Fremieres

2001 Chambolle Les Fremieres

By Domaine Leroy

2001 Chambolle Les Fremières from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of fine Burgundian reds, the 2001 Chambolle Les Fremières from Domaine Leroy holds a distinguished position. This particular vintage, etched deeply within the annals of Burgundy's climatic history, posed a multitude of challenges to vignerons, yet somehow, Domaine Leroy has adeptly crafted a wine that transcends the vicissitudes of nature.


An Alignment of Expertise and Elements

The growing season of 2001 was marred by inclement weather. Adequate sunshine during summer was punctuated by unwelcome rain close to harvest, posing a threat to the ripening grapes. It was the assiduous diligence of Domaine Leroy's viticultural team that salvaged what has become a vintage that stands solemn and regal amongst its peers. The wine's depth and precision speak to impeccable vineyard management and masterful winemaking.


A Spectacle of Sensation

The 2001 Chambolle Les Fremières from Domaine Leroy reveals a sublime synthesis of terroir and human touch. On the palate, it articulates layers of complexity with a profile embracing dark cherry and hints of truffle grounded by an elegant structure that only the most conscientious cultivation and vinification methods can achieve. The balance achieved—between fruit intensity and refined tannins—is impressive for a year when such equipoise was anything but guaranteed.

Particularly for wine investors, the 2001 vintage presents an oenological paragon where adversity has been alchemised into elegance. It speaks volumes not only of the capable hands at Domaine Leroy but also of the latent potential that resides in Burgundy's hallowed soils—even in less than idyllic seasons.


Investment-Worthy Vintage Vibrance

As this wine gracefully ascends through its maturity curve, it grows ever more compelling for those vested in not just the pleasure but also the providence of their cellars. A Leitmotif of this review could well be: elegance in adversity. The 2001 Chambolle Les Fremières from Domaine Leroy remains a testament to skilful craftsmanship triumphing over a challenging vintage—a beacon for investors seeking exceptional bottles with compelling backstories and remarkable ageing potential.

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