Domaine Leroy   Chambolle Les Fremieres

2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres

By Domaine Leroy

2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 2014 vintage from Burgundy proffers an intimate connection to the storied and hallowed terroirs of this prestigious region. Amidst this bastion of vinous artistry stands the 2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy – a vintage that intriguingly captures the essence of its Chambolle-Musigny provenance.


A Study in Elegance: Burgundy's 2014 Narrative

The 2014 vintage was a narrative of two contrasting chapters for Burgundy: initial estimations were beset with worry due to unpredictable weather patterns, yet as harvesting commenced, the skies bestowed a reprieve. This harmonious interlude allowed the fruit to reach optimal maturity, culminating in wines with vivacious acidity and resonant depth.

The resulting 2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres is eloquent testimony to this serendipitous turn. Characterised by a bouquet that intertwines ripe red berries with ethereal violets and a restrained whisper of oak, each element is in flawless synch.


Those Seeking Investment: Take Note

To the discerning collector or investor, the 2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy offers an enticing amalgamation of pedigree and potential. With Domaine Leroy's reputation for superlative finesse and age-worthy structure, this vintage presents an integral opportunity for inclusion in a portfolio with an eye to graceful maturation.

The palatal experience is elegantly structured with a core of fine-grained tannins and a lively mineral streak indictive of the era-specific climatic finesse—that almost balletic balance of rain and respite which typified harvest conditions. A silken texture weaves through the palate with an aftertaste that promises longevity.

In summary, the 2014 Chambolle Les Fremieres from Domaine Leroy exemplifies how climatic challenges can sculpt unforeseen masterpieces. For those looking to enrich their collections, the intrinsic value and investment allure of this exceptional Burgundian creation should not be understated.

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The 2014 Chambolle Musigny les Fremières 1er Cru has a conservative nose, one that does not want to come out to play at first, although it gradually unfurls in the glass. The palate is very smooth and silky, almost like a Vosne-Romanée, furnished with fine tannin and a keen acidic thread interwoven through what feels like a dense finish. It is linear at the moment, but it will fan out once in bottle.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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