Domaine Leroy   Nuits St Georges aux Allots

2016 Nuits St Georges aux Allots

By Domaine Leroy

2016 Nuits St Georges aux Allots from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy

With a reputation that promises excellence and a terroir that consistently delivers, the 2016 Nuits St Georges aux Allots from Domaine Leroy is the epitome of Burgundian finesse. Encapsulating the unique attributes of its vintage, this particular expression stands distinct within the tapestry of Domaine Leroy's storied wines.


Exceptional Climate Conditions of 2016

Unpredictable spring frosts followed by a temperate summer defined 2016 in Burgundy. The adversity faced early in the season concentrated efforts, leading to lower yields, but exceptional quality found in every bunch hand-harvested from the vineyards. For investors and connoisseurs alike, this suite of circumstances illuminated the 2016 vintage with an aura of rarity and veneration.


A Vintage Defined by Concentration and Complexity

The nose of the 2016 Nuits St Georges aux Allots provokes with beguiling hints of dark cherries and ripe strawberries, draped over a cloister of earthiness borne from the rich terroir. A sip reveals a tapestry woven with intense red fruit flavours, enlivened by vivid acidity that cuts through like a beacon. With time, layers disrobe to unveil spice, slight game, and that characteristic Burgundian minerality.

The wine's signature lies in its poised structure—tannins are present but entirely gracious—as you would expect from a house as revered as Domaine Leroy. The palate proceeds seamlessly into an enduring, nuanced finish showcasing refined oak integration—a testament to an impeccable élevage process that imbues confidence for those looking to add it to their investment portfolios.

As we traverse further from its bottling date, this wine asserts itself as an indispensable addition to any serious collection. Its understated power and latent elegance underscore a potential for graceful maturation.


In Conclusion: Distinction in Every Glass

The 2016 Nuits St Georges aux Allots exemplifies how climatic challenges can beget wines of superb concentration and depth. Offering an illuminated snapshot of a unique year, it is precisely these vintages—fashioned under the stewardship of Domaine Leroy—that resonate with an unspoken promise of exquisite evolution. Investors seeking to embellish their cellar or portfolio with a wine as investable as it is drinkable will find in the challenges and triumphs of 2016 an opportunity not to be overlooked.

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