Domaine Leroy   Vosne les Genaivrieres

2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres

By Domaine Leroy

2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the annals of Burgundy's vinous history, the offerings of Domaine Leroy stand as a testament to the profound depth and intricacy achievable in Pinot Noir. The 2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres is an exemplar of this narrative, illustrating how a challenging vintage can yield wines of profound character and longevity.


A Vintage Defining Elegance Against Odds

The 2014 harvest in Burgundy was a grower's odyssey with fluctuating weather patterns, ultimately culminating in a race against time to pick at optimum ripeness. For Domaine Leroy, such challenges seem to fortify their resolve, crafting a 2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres that balances delicacy and structure with the finesse of a masterful hand.

The wine whispers of its terroir, carrying the minerality of Vosne-Romanée's hallowed soils. Here, layers unfold with each swirl — from dark cherry and ripe raspberry to subtler notes of exotic spice, violets, and a hint of smoked tea. This vintage shows an admirable tension between its textured complexity and the linear purity synonymous with Domaine Leroy.


An Investable Masterpiece

The wine enthusiast seeking to diversify a fine wine investment portfolio need look no further than the 2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy. With such a storied producer at its helm, this wine promises not only immediate drinking pleasure but also remarkable potential for development over the next decade or more.

In its youth, the wine offers a charming vivacity yet hidden beneath its velvet elegance lies a backbone robust enough to promise longevity. The 2014 vintage stands out for its ability to capture the essence of Vosne-Romanée's exquisite terrain while presenting an entrancing profile that differentiates it significantly from other years.

In summary, the 2014 Vosne les Genaivrieres from Domaine Leroy conveys a story of triumphant winemaking amidst the challenges given by Mother Nature. It nests within it the cradle of Burgundian tradition, yet it is undeniably unique in character - a cornerstone for those seeking distinction in their fine wine investments.

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The 2014 Vosne Romanée Aux Genaivrières was a wine that was showing some reduction on the nose, but some rigorous exchange from glass to glass reveals some gorgeous, ebullient raspberry coulis and blueberry scents. The palate is structured and "solid" in the mouth, quite dense for a village cru, with plenty of substance on the mulberry and strawberry finish. Give it longer than necessary once in bottle.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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