Maison Joseph Drouhin   Bonnes Mares

2007 Bonnes-Mares

By Maison Joseph Drouhin

2007 Bonnes-Mares from Maison Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy, France

In the realm of fine Burgundies, the 2007 vintage stands as a testament to the agility and expertise of Maison Joseph Drouhin. This particular year brought challenges to Burgundy with its erratic weather, yet the winemakers' finesse ensured the production of a remarkably exquisite Bonnes-Mares.


Persistent Prowess: A Commitment to Excellence

Navigating the relatively cool summer which subdued the region, 2007 required dexterous viticultural practice, an area in which Maison Joseph Drouhin exhibits mastery. The end result is a 2007 Bonnes-Mares that transcends the ordinary, reaching surprising peaks of complexity and aromatic precision despite the climatic hurdles of the growing season.


The Burgeoning Brilliance of 2007

The 2007 Bonnes-Mares articulates a fascinating dichotomy between vibrant freshness and mellow maturity. Only now do we begin to see its intricate lacework of tannins softening into a silken drape over the palate. This wine's evolution mirrors a classic novel reaching its narrative zenith, where every page reveals understated developments in story—the quintessence of what collectors and investors treasure.

On the nose, a kaleidoscope of dark berries and an ethereal earthiness pay homage to Bonnes-Mares’ terroir-driven heritage. The palate is similarly indulged with notes of cherry and plum, ensconced in a milieu where just a whisper of spice is enough to suggest intrigue without overwhelming the senses.

Balanced against this is a structured minerality—one that anchors the wine with purpose and promises lengthier conversations in years to come. All these elements coalesce to paint an impressive tableau vivant representative of the fruit of that year's labour.

Recognised for its investment prowess as much as for its sensory indulgence, such exclusivity befits a prominent placement in any connoisseur’s collection or investment portfolio. Credit must be paid where it is due: Maison Joseph Drouhin's stewardship through a trying year elevates the 2007 Bonnes-Mares as a vintage standing with pride amongst its peers.


The Distinguished Character of 2007 Bonnes-Mares

A decade on from harvest, the strengths of this particular vintage have crystallised. Here lies an illustration not only of winemaking adaptability but also proof that there can be resilience and beauty in adaptation. For enthusiasts seeking depth and elegance—vouched by time—the 2007 Bonnes-Mares from Maison Joseph Drouhin endures as a salient choice infused with regal poise and historical acumen.

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