Maison Joseph Drouhin   Griotte Chambertin

1990 Griotte Chambertin

By Maison Joseph Drouhin

1990 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy, France

The iconic 1990 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin stands as a testament to the excellence achieved by this esteemed Burgundy house in what was an outstanding vintage across the region. My enduring appreciation for the masterful craftsmanship of Drouhin takes on new dimensions with each sublime encounter of this particular release. Procuring such a bottle is akin to capturing the essence of Burgundian artistry which has, over the decades, captivated connoisseurs and investors alike.


The Allure of the 1990 Vintage

While Maison Joseph Drouhin routinely crafts wines of exceptional quality, it is the convergence of their expertise with the meteorological grace of 1990 that begets a vintage that stands out remarkably within their oenological tapestry. The season greeted Burgundy with optimal conditions, allowing for full phenolic ripeness and a harvest that was both abundant and of high-calibre, creating an ideal provenance for investment-grade wines.

The 1990 Griotte Chambertin features an aromatic cornucopia, enchanting with tertiary notes flanked by a velvety tannic structure which has blossomed superbly over time. On the palate, harmonious layers of wild strawberry and soft spices are buoyed by understated earthy undertones, creating a symphony that resonates with the storied terroir of this famed appellation.


Investment Merits and Sensorial Delights

A wine whose grace has been dignified by age, this Griotte Chambertin presents a formidable case for both sensory indulgence and financial contemplation. In an era where fine wine investment burgeons amidst discerning collectors, this vintage offers layered complexity infused with historical reverence. Its lingering finish serves not only as the denouement of an extraordinary tasting experience but also as a reminder of its resolute potential for longevity and appreciation in value.

For those seeking to embellish their portfolios with a jewel of Burgundian heritage, or to embrace the convivial spirit embedded within this bottle, the 1990 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin delivers opulence interwoven with aged finesse – an irrefutable highlight within the landscape of vintage wines.

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