Maison Joseph Drouhin   Griotte Chambertin

2014 Griotte Chambertin

By Maison Joseph Drouhin

2014 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy, France

The 2014 vintage in Burgundy was one that tested the mettle of the region's Vignerons. A vintage marred by challenging growing conditions that culminated in serendipitous elegance, resulting in wines of structure and finesse.


Decoding the 2014 Complexities

The 2014 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin stands as a testament to the adaptive expertise of this storied producer. In a year characterised by a cool summer and an Indian summer during harvest, meticulous management was paramount to achieve successful ripening. A purveyor of nature's whims, Maison Joseph Drouhin navigated the intricacies of the season to craft a wine resonating with both poise and power.


An Expression of Tenacity and Terroir

An initial examination reveals subtle hues hinting at the vintage's restrained opulence. The bouquet emanates classic Burgundian cherry paired with earthy undertones, leading to an unexpectedly vivid sensory narrative— a hallmark of the Griotte Chambertin terroir. On the palate, there is an interplay of svelte tannins and vibrant acidity, magically maintained from grape to glass, underscoring the endurance of both the vintage and producer's philosophy.

While each sip indulges with layers of complexity; it is the fresh, focused finish that implores introspection. This is a vignette of 2014—a year not about muscle but mindfulness, not just concentration but clarity.

Investment-wise, aspirants seeking to augment their collections with a wine emblematic of Burgundy's grace under pressure will find solace in the 2014 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin. It emerges as one of those rare incarnations where tribulations have been alchemised into triumph—a poignant addition to any portfolio.

In summarising this wine, it becomes apparent that some vintages are tales of triumph over tribulation, and the story within each bottle of 2014 Griotte Chambertin from Maison Joseph Drouhin is no different. Investors charmed by authenticity will undoubtedly recognise its potential not only as a consumable art form but also as a wise inclusion in any connoisseur’s cache.

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