Maison Joseph Drouhin   Musigny

2013 Musigny

By Maison Joseph Drouhin

2013 Musigny from Maison Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy, France

Unveiling the intricate nuances of a vintage that elicits admiration and contemplation, the 2013 Musigny from Maison Joseph Drouhin embodies the vibrant spirit and refined complexity of a seasoned wine connoisseur's cherished treasure. In examining Burgundy's offerings from this challenging year, it is important to note that those who succeeded, did so with an artist's deft touch, weathering the temperamental climate to craft wines of resilience and depth.


Deciphering the Mystique: Investment & Enjoyment Intertwined

Against a backdrop of climatic trials, the meticulous tendance at Maison Joseph Drouhin ensured their vines thrived, yielding a 2013 crop that defies the difficulties of the season. The investment potential in this remarkable vintage arises not just from its scarcity but from its narrative—a testament to human endeavour harmonising with nature's capricious whims. The 2013 Musigny stands as a hallmark within this narrative, a creation that is as strategically poised for cellaring as it is mesmeric in the glass.


The Graceful Balance of 2013: A Study in Sophistication

In tasting, the 2013 Musigny reveals a poised ballet of flavours; vivid red cherries and dark berries pirouette with ethereal grace amongst subtler hints of earth and spice. The climate of that year endowed this Musigny with a delicacy often unseen in more solar vintages. Its tannins whisper rather than shout, and its acidity – a lifeline woven through the fabric of its being – promises longevity and evolution for adept investors patient enough to savour its unfolding saga.

The maturity curve for this poised Burgundian masterpiece is particularly enticing, suggesting that while already approachable, it will benefit greatly from further patience, potentially reaching its zenith well into the next decade. With climate and craftsmanship interlinked in each sip, the 2013 Musigny from Maison Joseph Drouhin secures its status as one of the region's finely etched oenological canvases.

In summary, this particular vintage enchants with whispered elegance and speaks volumes about the prowess of those at Maison Joseph Drouhin who coaxed forth such allure amidst adversity. For connoisseurs and investors alike, securing stock in 2013 Musigny presents a unique opportunity to grasp not only a piece of Burgundian brilliance but also an artefact of viticultural fortitude and finesse.

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The 2013 Musigny Grand Cru was picked on October 8, underwent a 19-day maceration and contains partial whole-cluster fruit. The nose is standoffish at first, but it’s just playing with you. It has superb definition and transparency: wilted violets and blackberry coming through with aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannins, tensile in the mouth, plenty of energy here with a long and beautifully composed finish. This is one of the wines of the vintage - regal and majestic.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2014

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