Ponsot   Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru

2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru

By Ponsot

2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot, Burgundy, France

The 2014 vintage from Burgundy stands as a testament to the resolve of vintners amidst challenging conditions, which have resulted in wines of exceptional quality and character. Tucked within this selection is the 2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot, a distinguished creation that beckons the palate with its layered complexity.


A Year of Triumph Over Difficulty

The growing season of 2014 in Burgundy was fraught with trials; a cool, damp summer provided a measured pace for the grapes to develop, missing the extremes that often dictate vintages. Yet, it was the tenacious work in vineyards like Ponsot's Chapelle Chambertin that ensured ripeness and health of the fruit by harvest time. Triumphantly, this care ushered forth a vintage with remarkable finesse.


Eloquence in a Bottle: Investment Merit Unveiled

What sets the 2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot apart is its sheer eloquence conveyed through every sip. The delicate interplay between vivid red fruits and an underlying earthiness reflects a near tactile quality of its terroir. Silken tannins integrate seamlessly with a modest yet pronounced acidity, fortifying its stature while allowing a graceful evolution in the bottle.

An investment in this wine not only offers an enriching sensory experience but also a formidable asset in any fine wine portfolio. Particularly for collectors who appreciate the nuanced maturity and potential longevity Burgundian wines from robust vintages such as 2014 can proffer over time.

In sum, those seeking to strengthen their holdings with a wine that pairs eloquent expression and investment-worthy fortitude need look no further than the 2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot. Its textural grace, harmonious balance, and defiant triumph over climatic caprice distinguish it among peers, as will no doubt its performance both in glass and on market.

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The 2014 Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru behaved like the Griotte-Chambertin in that it needed a prerequisite two or three minutes to fire up its engines. When it did, it sprung a gorgeous floral bouquet with red roses, kirsch and blood orange, all struck through with wonderful mineralité and tension. The palate is medium-bodied with fine, supple tannin. It resorts back to its broody nature. There is appreciable density here, quite tangy and spicy in the mouth with layers of red berry fruit on the very saline finish. It will require 4-5 years in bottle, but the class is here.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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